Got Ugly Scratches on Your Sunglasses? With This Trick They Could be Gone in No Time at All!

It is possible to ensure that the scratches on your sunglasses disappear completely. There is absolutely nothing more annoying than seeing your sunglasses with ugly scratches on them. Yet those same glasses are pretty essential when you go out into the blazing sun. Kindly wait a bit before you purchase new ones, though, because you can very easily make your old glasses scratch-free with a simple product from your bathroom.

This special hack will bring no more scratches to your sunglasses!

Are you wondering what the most important product needed to remove scratches from your sunglasses could be? Toothpaste! We know it sounds really strange, but it is the miracle product you need to remove an ugly scratch. It is necessary to use toothpaste without whitening, gel or scouring ingredients. Aside from that, you also need a microfiber cloth and a small bowl with lukewarm water. Ensure the glasses fit in this bowl.

This is what you need to do

You firstly need to make sure the lenses are rubbed completely clean with the microfiber cloth. Now squeeze a little bit of toothpaste on your finger, about the size of a pea. Rub this on the outer side of one of the lenses and do this for about five minutes. Simply repeat the process for the other lens. Then put the sunglasses in the bowl of lukewarm water. Properly rinse away the leftovers of the toothpaste. Dry the glasses with the microfiber cloth and then take a look at the lenses. You will observe that the scratches have completely disappeared.


We are all familiar with this problem, surely. It is a wonderful summer day and you are putting on your great, stylish sunglasses. Sadly, you have to push it back onto your nose because it won’t stop sliding down every now and again. The way out to this problem is very easy and you might even already own it. All you need is some eyeshadow primer. If you don’t own this already, you can simply purchase it at any drugstore. Rub a bit of the primer onto the spot on your nose where your sunglasses are usually perching and you have made yourself a perfect non-skid layer!


One more tip: if the arms of your glasses are getting a little lame because it is too loose, you can drop a little bit of transparent nail polish onto the tiny hinge. It will immediately be a lot less loose! Are you curious about what other things you can do with toothpaste aside removing scratches and (definitely) brushing the teeth? Check out this video below, which offers six more amazing toothpaste hacks:


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