Get John Legend To Sing Your New Voice On Google Assistant

If you prefer to listen to John Legend from Google’s robovoice, you’re lucky. Google has turned the songwriter and singer into the latest Google Assistant voice option. You’ll like the Legend sound from any Google Assistant in American English, and from your Android phone to any Google Home ($ 129 in Walmart) and Google Home Hub ($ 149 at Dell Home). You can raise your voice in your phone or home to the top – the Legend sound will only be available “for a limited time”.

There are two ways to make your Google Assistant Legend.

Ask Google to play John Legend sound

1.Say: “Google, speak like a legend.” This works with devices that Google Assistant always listens to.

2.If your phone does not always have the Assistant setting up, turn on Google Helper (for example, by pressing the Home button or clicking the Google Assistant button on your Android phone), and then say “Speak like a legend.”

You can choose John Legend voice in the Google Helper application or ask, “Hello Google, make me a legend.”

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