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Even before the US President Donald Trump’s latest COVID-19 related restrictions on H-1B visas, Canada immigration programs have been getting heightened attention from highly skilled foreign workers and professionals who are frustrated from the high H-1B rejection rate. The rejection rate for H-1B visa applications has been on the rise in the United States under Trump, and highly skilled foreign workers who depend on them have already been turning to Canada in search of hope, stability and new opportunities.

The H-1B program provides a pathway to permanent residence for highly specialized foreign workers in the U.S., many of whom work for large American tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook.

Now President Trump is considering suspending a number of employment visas including the H-1B, in view of the massive unemployment in America due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump considering suspending H-1B visas, Nasscom seeks exemption for tech workers
Trump considering suspending H-1B visas
The proposed suspension could extend into the US government’s new fiscal year beginning October 1, when many new visas are issued.

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Canada Skilled Workers Visa Programs
In light of the restrictions on H-1B Visa opportunities, foreign individuals who wish to work temporarily in North America should consider Canada as an alternative to the United States. Unlike the United States, there is no formal “cap” on the number of foreign workers who are admitted into Canada each year for temporary employment purposes. Canada is not limiting work visas due to COVID-19 related unemployment surge in the country. And Canada offers opportunities for competitive careers, a lower cost of living, a greater network of social services and lower levels of crime in major metropolitan areas.

Skilled foreign workers like those who rely on the H-1B visa are highly prized by Canada’s federal and provincial governments, which have tailored their immigration policies and programs in recent years to facilitate the entry of such workers.


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