7 Free Online Grant Management Software Programs For You

If you can’t afford to pay for grant management software programs, here’s some free online grant management software that works just as well!

In the world as we know it today, certain roles and job designations have become so important, that many lives depend on them. One of such roles is your role as a grant management specialist.

And in effectively playing your role as a grant management specialist, keeping track of your grant applications is key. Which is why you need access to grant management software programs.

What is a grants’ management software?

Grants management software programs are help you to streamline the grant application process. These programs make use of fundamental features which are meant to make grant application easier. Some of the most fundamental features include a central list of grants, contact databases, registration requirements, and research tools that would otherwise be difficult to find.

There are many benefits to using a free online grant management software. One benefit is an increase in grant organization and efficiency. With this program, you get to store all your information in one place, so you don’t have to spend time looking for various documents.

Grants management also allows you to take control of your communication with funders by managing your contact lists, preemptively sending emails thanking them for every offer they’ve made. It can also help you stay in contact with funders by reminding you of application schedules.

Why would I need a grant management program?

One of the most difficult tasks for an organization is managing all the grants. There are grants for different things like projects and scholarships. And many organizations have to deal with multiple people submitting them, which results in hundreds of attachments.

Different programs can handle this process by uploading everything into one central location where it’s easily accessible to everyone involved, from a team of one to a team of 1,000. This is what makes these grant management software programs invaluable to your organization.
One cannot stress the importance of these programs enough. As we said before, these programs can store every attachment in one central location. It can also provide detailed reports as well as user profiles that list all current grants and their statuses – who worked on what when and what the outcome was (approved or not approved).

As you will see, not only does this save your organization time, but it saves you from stress too! This is why organizations that use grant management solutions never regret it. This is due to its incredible usability and functionality!

And what’s more? It takes just one or two clicks to generate bulk emails for a fundraising campaign. So, whether you are updating donors or inviting potential new donors, you are well covered.

In fact, after writing them all, you will feel recharged after using software rather than drained from writing sixty individual emails yourself.

And, even your volunteers will thank you for this using this software and saving them from emotional and logistic stress.

Why should I think of free grant management Software Programs

As useful as grant management software programs are, they usually cost a lot in subscription fees. However, if your organization cannot afford to pay for such software programs, or if you find it hard to pay re-subscription fees, you may soon find yourself without a grant management software program.

Should this happen, your work will definitely suffer, as your grant application processes become unorganized. In fact, such a situation may also have deep implications for your organization.

After all, your work in the organization revolves around bringing much needed resources to the table. Indeed, your inability to get resources where it is most needed may make life harder for a lot of people who depend on you.

Is there a way out of this situation, then? Well, of course there is!

And the solution is to use free online grant management software programs!

Do free online grant management software have same features as paid ones

As you may have seen with every free software resource on the internet today, the features are never the same. As long as the software resource has a paid subscription, developers will ideally put some distinguishing features between them. The free version may please you, but it will never be everything you need!

The trick is to use the free version to attract and convince you, so that you feel compelled to buy the paid version. It’s an age long gimmick, and we are sure you know all about it.

But, this does not mean that you still cannot use free online grant management software programs. You may use them at this time, as long as you plan to upgrade to a paid program in the future.

Paid online grant management programs have more important features than free programs. And it is only ideal that you plan to acquire one of those when you can.

For now, though, free it is, right?

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How do I get a free online grant management program?

To download a free grants management program, go to the site for one of the programs listed on the article. After selecting the software, most systems will usually ask you for your email address and name. Also, the system may give you an access code. Type in this code when prompted, and you are good to go!

From there, you can manage your grants on a computer or laptop with an Internet connection simply by logging into the system.

How do I install and use a free grants management software so that it can work correctly and effectively?

There are several free online grant management software packages available. These are designed for specific organizational areas such as enterprise, volunteer, and event planning.

Free online grant management software will work well with your specific needs and can also track the progress of your grants so that you can get a good return on your efforts.

Top 7 free online grant management software programs

Here’s seven free online grant management software programs that can make your work easier!


ProjectLibre can help you keep track of tasks, and is perfect if yours is a small business with few project requirements.


Fluxx promises cloud-based grants management solutions that helps organizations to maximize their potential. You achieve this by getting access to a grant management system that is tailored to your needs. This helps you to achieve more by making better judgements in your application processes.


WizeHive is a free online grant management software meant for nonprofit organizations. The platform can even help you collect application directly from a funder’s website and youo can use it for application scheduling, submission and a lot more.


GrantHub presents a seamless, cheap, grant management system that is effectively manages your grant opportunities. It also helps with grant information, deadlines and reports, while also giving you access to information from grant-giving organizations. GrantHub is simply one of the best friend any nonprofit organization can have.

Award Force

Award Force is another cloud-based free online grant management software. It helps your organization to apply, evaluate and monitor the grant application process. Award Force is also concerned with making the grant management system fun and easy to control.

Open Project

Your team can work smarter and easier with Open Project. This free online grant management system prides itself as one of the most productive systems. It is also a fast way for teams to come together and achieve the best results.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants Management

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management is also a very valuable project management resource. It creates the enabling environment for organizations to achieve their goals while also contributing to humanity.

You can also learn more about online grants management system here

Now, that you know how to access some free online grant management software, why don’t you try your hands on them?

You’d see that they’d be worth your while, and you will be able to win many more grants, even without breaking the bank!

Go for it then, and good luck!