Four Top Tech Stocks to Buy in 2019

Four Top Tech Stocks to Buy in 2019.

It is not always hard to find the best techs stocks in as much as you are suffing in the right period. The best tech stock boast of fundamentals with other leading price performance in their industry group. The world of technology is growing so fast in the world at large. Internet has become so wide and large  and in the next few years it is expected that internet grow so widely even more than it is now. Most things are happening so faster than we can imagine now, especially with the soft wears that are use to save billions in alot of industries.And in the next 10 to 20 years to come now,we will start seeing somethings we do not expect being done all in the name of these technologies and various softwares being built.
You should consider the following top tech stocks in this year.

1. Microsoft Stock.
Microsoft have now moved there focus from the normal software sales to the subscription base recurring revenue model. They have also made a good inroads in cloud base services even though it is not very easy for a very big companies like that to have a swing into another business rather than what they are known for. But the Dow component is actually doing this vwry comfortably and they have an annual income increase of double digit as exoectwd between 2019 to 2020.This Microsoft  still continue to perform well after a breakout from a flat base of over 131 buy point. It have a composite ratings of 94 out of 99 with several other formations as well which includes;3 year annualized EPS growth is +8%, and  latest quarter sales change with +14%.

2. ServiceNow Stock
They are the provider of what we call the cloud flow automation software and the owner is a member of Leaderbored and it have been growing in a very high way even with a market capitalization of $50 billion. And annual earning is expected to increase to about 20 to 30% to in 2019 and 2020 respectfully.Following a certain report, the ServiceNow have soared out of  flat base to  with over 251 points getting various supports around creating an alternative entry.It have the best composite ratong of 99 of 99, three year annual EPS growth of plus 79%, annual pretex margin, 22.5%, and the annual return on equity is 49.8%.

3.Paypal Stock
They have a very good future prospect in the digital payments and at the beiginning of the year, they took a $750 million stake on MercadoLibre which is an e commerce firm in Argentina.Total payment earning was seen in the first quater to have rose to about $161billion which indicates that the company have gained more active 9.3million active accounts to make it total of 277millionPaypal are also testing support at it’s 10 week line after a breakout of over 92 points. They have the best composite ratings as well.Latest quater EPS percentage change is +37%. Latest quarter sales percentage change is plus 12 percentThree year annualized  EPS growth rate is plus 25 percent.Annual return on equity is  18.6 percentsAnnual pretax margin is 23 percent.

4.Glu Mobile Inc.This is more or less a penny stock, and it is priced at a very affordable price.They are into majunv games for Smartphones and they are having increase popularity day in day out having more customers among people uses smartphone and tablets. They are into titles that have to do with actions and also those that are  based on existing console games but the title that sells most is the one on reality TV show of Kim kardashian and this makes  Glu tech to Stand out among all other gamingThis have helped the company to come out of debt with strong cash reserves in place. The continuous rise in the revenue generation have help the company to be getting over it loses more gradually than ever.Most of there spendings goes on research and findings to get there next hit. The potential of this company to grow more keep on increasing as much as it can because gamers are increasing day by day and irrespective of how little the company is, once they have a good game they will always come for them because games is a very common  activity among most people with smartphone and tablets The stock increase  to about15 percent as the market react to the late earnings report of the previous month and throughout the summer, there was continuous increase in there post gains and to top it all, if they could come with a very good game more, they will soar even more higher in there stocks.Almost everything that have to do with mobiles always have a very good attention of vast majority of the people now adays, so, just like other mobile Apps, this mobile stock are very much on the rise and if you keep on flowing with this latest trend it can be a big plus for them to make more earnings in the coming months.

In Conclusion;It is not possible for anyone to predict what the world will look like in the next decades with this rising growth in technology and software development and it will be a must for all the various industries to embrace and work with new technological development, they should be ready to adjust and follow the trends most of the time. And with this latest trends in technology companies are able to make more revenues within a very short period of time.

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