Five Pinterest Hacks for Hot Weather That Actually Work Effectively

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These weird pinterest hacks can actually perform wonder. Indeed, we admire odd tips and tricks and we love to share all kinds of nifty tricks for you, like how to make your own air conditioning or probably how to open a can without the use of a can opener. We appreciate the following five pinterest hacks after testing it out and realizing it really works, which is why we are here to share them with you!

Now, which of these Pinterest hacks will you try out?

1.     Using antiperspirant against blisters: We always enjoy wearing sandals and flip-flops in summer, but wow can they cause blisters! We usually have our feet swell up because of summer heat and of course there is some perspiration involved. Those cute strappy sandals look amazing, but walking in them lead to a lot of pain, not to even talk about the terrible blisters they can cause. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to this issue. It is just the need of some antiperspirant. It is however not the same as deodorant! So make sure you actually buy an antiperspirant, preferably a stick or gel one. Now rub the antiperspirant on your feet, focusing on the spots that rub your shoes in particular. Endeavor to do this a little while before you put on your shoes to let it sink into your skin. By the end of the day, you will observe that your skin is intact and you aren’t having any blisters.

2.     Pantyliners against sweaty pits: Do you find it disgusting to have sweat stains in your armpits? Sadly, there is not much you can do about it, as everyone sweats. However, it is particularly noticeable in white and grey clothes and it leaves a nasty stain on your nice top. To prevent this, you can stick a panty liner in the armpit of your t-shirt or blouse. It is hardly noticeable and works very effectively. The pantyliner will soak up all the moisture so it won’t seep into the top you are putting on. Although, it will feel a little strange at first, but hey, it works!

3.     A sponge as a cooling element: It is not everyone that is outdoorsy enough to have a freezer filled with cooling elements. However, if you want to keep your lunch fresh in this heat, it is fantastic to keep it cool with a cooling element. Traditional cooling elements are filled with water which usually makes them very heavy. This alternative cooling element is ideal to take with you on the go! Just soak a sponge in water and put it in a Ziploc baggie. Put the bag in the freezer overnight. The result is a cooling element that is light and very easy to take with you! The water will melt after a while, but the sponge will simply soak again and it won’t leak in your bag. Gratitude to Ziploc bag. It is light, cheap, and reusable. There is anything else you need?

4.     Cooling peppermint spray: Have you ever tried drinking water right after you have brushed your teeth? Did it feel much colder and fresher? It probably did! That is actually how this hack works. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of peppermint oil. Spray this lightly on your face and chest and you will feel that it will cool you right off. Test a little on your elbow first and wait 24hours to see if you aren’t allergic to it. It is advisable to not spray it in your eyes, as that could cause irritation. It is rather recommended focusing on the lower half of your face and your chest when spraying.

5.     Homemade air conditioning: To do this, what you need is a fan and two bottles of frozen water. A fan is a good thing to own itself, but sadly it does just blow warm air around without actually making the room much cooler, but with this hack you can make it happen. Simply fill two large bottles with water and put them in the freezer until the water has frozen completely. Then, place the bottles on the floor (or on a table if you have a standing fan) on top of a folded tea towel. Now place the fan behind the bottles. By this way, the fan will be blowing really cool air, generated by the ice in the bottles, around your home. This will allow the temperature to actually come down.

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