Five Innocent Signs Your Car Will Probably Break Down Pretty Soon

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It is important to always watch out for these signs when your car is giving you. It is actually easy to take our cars for granted. When you get in, the next thing is to turn the key in the ignition, and drive off to your destination. That is what cars do: they drive, except when they break down, for example due to engine problems. Meanwhile, if you pay attention to these five simple signs, you might just save yourself from getting stuck by the side of the road with a broken down vehicle. Paying rapt attention to the signs will enable your car to last much longer.

1.     General maintenance: Every minute your car is on move, its parts wear a little more. The owner manual that came with your car – you are aware, the one that is probably gathering dust in the glove compartment – will tell you when to replace all the different forms of fluids such as motor oil. The manual also informs you when it is appropriate to replace your tyres. In case your car hasn’t had a check-up in a while, it might be best to get it to a garage.

2.     The tyre tread is low: This works pretty much the same as with your shoes: when you have walked around on them a lot, they will tend to lose tread and can’t grip properly henceforth. And what happens then? The same happens with car tyres. You can easily check your car tyres’ tread with a simple and ideal test. All that is required is a coin.

3.     You are running low on oil: If you regularly take your car to the garage, you aren’t really going to have to worry about this. Do you have a tendency to neglect your car’s maintenance? Then it is necessary to at least add this to your agenda. Your car’s engine oil deserves to be checked every couple of months.

4.     The brakes: Do you observe that your brakes look different than normal or are they emitting a strange smell? Then there is most likely something wrong about it. Brakes consist of several tools such as pads, rotors, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and all of these have to be working properly. Some problems happen more often than others. Do your brakes squeak? Then there is probably something wrong with the rotors. Do they smell of plastic or burning hair? Then you most likely have a problem with the pads. If either of the listed situations happens regularly, the parts in question probably need to be replaced.

5.     The engine light is on: This could be a sign that you have forgotten to fasten the gas cap properly. It could also imply that your car deserves maintenance right away. Regardless of what it means, when the engine light goes on, you need to get your car to a garage as soon as you can. In such a way, mechanics will be able to find out what the problem is before it gets dangerous.

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