Exceptional: Old School Bag from 1957 Contains Items from The Past

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This old school bag was hidden behind lockers at a secondary school. Truth be told, something extraordinary happened in the American state of Ohio. There was a student who put her red school bag on top of the lockers at her high school more than sixty years ago and the bag got lost when it fell and ended up behind the lockers. The bag was recently found by the high school janitor. He was very surprised by what he found in the old bag.

Old school bag

The life of a teenager in the 50s: we can hardly imagine what it must have been like. Yet it is now a possible thing, gratitude to the discovery of an old school bag. The items that were found in the bag reveal a unique insight into the life of the young student. The bag was found by a North Canton Middle School janitor in the US State of Ohio. The man was actually performing some maintenance work on the lockers when he realized the striking bright red bag that was just lying behind the lockers.

Student Patti Rumfola

The old school bag turned out to be over sixty years old. The staff looked in the bag in an attempt to locate the owner. It later became a student named Patti Rumfola. In the year 1957, she lost her bright red school bag by placing it on top of the lockers. Without realizing it, the red bag fell behind the lockers. Perhaps the student thought that her bag was stolen, because the bag was never removed from behind the lockers.

Quest to find the student

The quest started to locate the student named Patti Rumfolla. The school managed to track down and contact the Rumfolla family and unfortunately, Patti turned out to longer be alive as she died in 2013. Then, the school sent the old school bag to her relatives. But before they did this, they took a few photos of the bag and posted it on Facebook.

Old school bag

In a message on Facebook the school wrote “It gives us a unique insight into the life of an ordinary teenager from the 50s.” The photos reveal several things that were hidden in the bag. Among these include multiple cards, old black and white photos of family, friends and her dog, and chewing gum still in wrapping paper which were all found in the bag.

Just like any other teenage girl, Patti also had a combo and makeup, such as powder and lipstick in her bag. The 26 cents that were still in the school bag became a special souvenir for her children. Each of Patti Rumfola’s children has one of the coins in their possession as a memory of their late mother.

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