Ever Wondered Why Security Officials Wear Black Sunglasses? Here are the Four (4) Reasons behind It!

Is it not everywhere that VIPs make use of security officials and personnel for protection? They can also be referred to as bodyguards for them who put on suits and dress perfectly. If you have observed them very well, you will notice the bodyguards wear cool sunglasses that attract their look even better. It is essential for us to note that these sunglasses aren’t only meant for wearing sake but there are also other cool reasons.

The bodyguards are usually trained in such a way that they should always be in a position to prevent or protect their leaders from any unanticipated events. Shades they put on aren’t only meant for fashion by making them look elegant but also for some hidden reasons. In this article, we shall be revealing the top four reasons why they put on shades.

1.     Protection in case of Blasts: In any sudden situation where there is a blast or attack, the security personnel can’t afford to close their eyes and it is due to the fact that it is the eyes that become sensitive towards an attack and we afford to close them in such cases. Therefore, the shades being put on by bodyguards would help them possess the strength to overcome the sensitive action and allows them to be at alert and responsive without damage.

2.     Misleading Attackers: The black sunglasses are very thick and it can prevent others to display your naked eye. Sunglasses are being used by security officials so that their eye movements can’t be traced out. It usually enables them to keep an eye on everyone without the person’s notice and therefore serves as a good technique to trace out enemies who are found suspicious.

3.     Hides Emotions: The bodyguards are usually trained to be brave and coldhearted. They are not expected to display out their emotions easily. Hence, wearing black glasses assist them to hide their emotions if any during an event or any course of action. If there is any other person that seems to shock him or surprise him, he is safeguarded as he doesn’t display any emotion and can deal with them presciently.

4.     Avoidance of glares: It is essential for security operatives to maintain their eyesight pretty well. Therefore, they need to stay affected by all nature of weather. Black glasses serve as good protection from glares in sunlight. It helps them to deal with bad vision due to glares and helps them work efficiently under heavy glaring conditions.

These are some of the typical reasons why the security personnel would always put on their sunglasses.


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