Eleven Things You Should Keep in Fridge or Freezer besides Food

These things aren’t food, but it is awesome to keep them in the fridge or freezer nonetheless. Our refrigerator is an appliance we really cannot do without. Our modern foods often have to be stored in the fridge. Can you ever imagine leaving stuff like meat and dairy outside of it? There are tons of other things you can also keep in the fridge or freezer that have nothing to do with food, though.

Are you aware of all these?

In the freezer:

1.     Chewing gum in clothes: Ooops! Have you been a little too enthusiastic blowing bubble or did you accidentally sit down onto a nasty piece of gum? There is no need to panic; just put the item of clothing in question in the freezer overnight and the next day you can easily peel off the gum.

2.     Jeans: Did you ever notice that your jeans lose their shape and color after washing them? It can be due to the fact that it isn’t supposed to be washed and dried; it is quite vulnerable to this. Instead of washing it, you could simply put your jeans in the freezer overnight. This will kill the bacteria, but your jeans won’t lose any of their color or shape.

3.     Pillow case: Did you know that it is expected of you to wash your pillowcase every other day? Of course, almost no one actually does this, because to most of us it feels like a waste of time and even water. If you want to ensure it is clean as it can be, you could also put it in a plastic baggy in the freezer when you get up in the morning. When you get home after work, the bacteria will have died and you can make your bed again with a fresh, cool pillow case.

4.     Sheer tights: When you want to prevent ladders in your sheer tights, you can put them in the freezer. The fibers in the fabric will become stronger because of this and that will result in fewer holes and ladders.

5.     Candles: You can put newly bought candles in the freezer for a night. They will become more firm and it will prevent them from dripping as much and the wax will burn less quickly as well, which makes the candles last longer. We will definitely be using this trick from now on for our pricey scented candles!

In the fridge:

1.     Flowers: Are you as bummed out as we are when your fresh flowers wilt after only a couple of days? The following trick is only possible if you have got a large enough fridge, but if you do, it is very handy! Simply place your flowers in the fridge at night before you go to bed as this way will help you prolong their life! You will enjoy them for many more days than you would otherwise.

2.     Envelopes: Do you find it fun to send (and receive) good old, hand-written letters? To neatly open envelopes you can place them in the fridge for a little while. The cold will break down the glue which enables you to easily open the envelope without tearing it.

3.     Nail polish: Are you aware it is necessary you store nail polish in a cold and dark place? Such a way will make it stay nice for much longer, especially the bright colors. Therefore, simply put the favorite nail polish in the fridge and you will be able to enjoy it for much longer.

4.     Eyeliner: This is another tip for the ladies: you can as well store your eyeliner in the fridge as well. You will notice that when you use it on your eyelids in the morning, it will work much better. The color will also be more intense, so the black will be proper black.

5.     Eye cream: You can store your eye cream in the fridge to freshen up your eyes first in the morning. The cream will stay nice for longer, and bacteria won’t survive. This can even reduce the risk of contacting eye infection and it will make you much more awake in the morning.

6.     After sun: Store after sun lotion and aloe vera in the fridge for an extra nice cooling effect after lying in the sun for an afternoon. Even if you haven’t got sunburn, it feels super nice to rub some after sun lotion on your warm skin after a day in the sun.

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