Early Cancer Warning Signs: Some Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

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In recent time, people are living longer than ever after a cancer diagnosis because of improved cancer screening. The routine screenings catch the diseases earlier, when they are easier to treat. Your chances of surviving cancer are much higher if you catch the disease at its earliest stage.

However, noticing one of the following symptoms doesn’t actually imply that you have cancer. But it is advisable not to ignore the signs. They are very important to speak up with your medical doctor. For example, there is 90% chance of surviving over five years when you diagnosed ovarian cancer at stage one. It plummets to just 40% by stage two and 5% by stage four.

Early detection is absolutely essential –which is why we all need to know the early warning symptoms to watch out for. In most cases, cancers don’t have any symptoms at all or have specific symptoms depending on the cancer’s location.

Here are symptoms you should look after:

·        Unexplained Weight Loss: The moment you start losing weight for no reason, speak up with your doctor. A loss of 10 pounds or more could be nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, in rare cases, it might be the first sign of cancer.

·        Fatigue: What we are talking about here is not the same fatigue you feel after a long day of work or play. It is the extreme fatigue that doesn’t get better with rest. It could be an early sign of cancer. Cancer uses the body’s nutrients to grow and advance and those nutrients aren’t anymore replenishing your body. This “nutrient theft” can make you feel extremely tired. Although, there are different causes of fatigue and many of them aren’t cancer related. But, if your symptoms are severe enough to distort your quality of life, consult your doctor.

·        Fever: Fever can be a common symptom of routine colds and the flu. Often, it is not a course to worry about. However, there are some characteristics of fever that can speak a possibility of cancer connection. You should be attentive when fever happens mostly at night, you have no other signs of infection, or you experience night sweats.

·        Pain: This is another symptom that can be caused by different things, many of them routine, but it can also give a clue at an underlying disease. Cancer can cause pain in different ways such as a mass or tumor pushing on other areas of your body, the chemicals a cancer releases, and metastasis or spreading from where a cancer started. When you are experiencing pain that doesn’t go away and you aren’t sure where it came from, then your doctor can help you with the best next steps.

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