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DoorDash $10000 Grant

In its continuous commitment to fortifying local economies and bolstering small businesses, DoorDash is pleased to announce the activation of the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund for the 2023 funding year. Collaborating with Hello Alice and the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), DoorDash is poised to grant 100 awards of $10,000 each to restaurants impacted by state- or federally-declared natural disasters.

Commencing in October 2021, the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund was initiated with a $1 million seed to aid small businesses in the United States and Puerto Rico in their recovery from natural disasters. Across four funding rounds, DoorDash has successfully awarded 100 grants to restaurants spanning 27 U.S. states. Notably, more than half of the recipient businesses are owned by women, and over three-quarters are owned by individuals of diverse backgrounds.

The impact of these grants has been significant, with recipients utilizing the funds for essential expenses such as payroll for existing employees, product or service development, inventory sourcing or expansion, marketing and advertising efforts, and general operating expenses like utilities or rent.

Today, DoorDash proudly renews and expands this commitment for 2023, presenting another 100 grants of $10,000 each. Additionally, eligibility is broadened to include restaurants based in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in collaboration with GEN. The mission remains steadfast – supporting businesses in recovery and fostering resilience in natural disasters.

“These grants are designed to assist local restaurants in handling unforeseen costs arising from disasters, ensuring their sustainability for years to come,” remarked Sueli Shaw, Director of Social Impact at DoorDash. “Since the fund’s inception in 2021, we are honored to have supported numerous restaurants and are thrilled to extend this impact by offering new grant opportunities for restaurants in DoorDash’s international markets.”

To qualify for relief, restaurants must operate between one and three brick-and-mortar locations, have fewer than 50 employees per location, be operational for at least six months, and have been affected by an eligible state or federally declared natural disaster. The 2023 funding cycles will occur in four rounds, with applications for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand commencing in July:

– First Round: May 1 – June 30, 2023

– Second Round: July 5 – September 29, 2023

– Third Round: October 2 – December 31, 2023

– Fourth Round: January 2 – March 29, 2024

Applications for restaurants in the United States and Puerto Rico are being accepted on a rolling basis, with the first round of funding determined after June 30, 2023. For further details and to apply, visit https://get.doordash.com/en-us/about/disaster-relief-fund.

DoorDash $10000 Grant

DoorDash grants

Several DoorDash grants are worth $10,000, catering to different situations and regions affected by various circumstances. Here’s a breakdown:

Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund:

Amount: $10,000 grants

Who is eligible: Local restaurants affected by state- or federally-declared natural disasters such as fires, floods, and hurricanes.

Purpose: To relieve operating costs like rent, mortgage, food and beverage inventory, utilities, supplies, and supplier costs.

Where: This grant is available in the United States, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Tennessee Tornado Relief Fund:

Amount: $10,000 grants

Who is eligible: Restaurants in Tennessee counties have received state or federal disaster declarations due to severe storms and tornadoes.

Purpose: Similar to the Disaster Relief Fund, it aims to cover operational expenses and support recovery efforts.

Where: This grant is specific to Tennessee counties impacted by tornadoes.

Nova Scotia Flood Relief Fund:

Amount: $10,000 grants

Who is eligible: Restaurants in Nova Scotia affected by recent flooding.

Purpose: To assist with financial recovery and business continuity.

Where: This grant is exclusive to Nova Scotia.

Conclusion on DoorDash $10000 Grant

DoorDash’s commitment to supporting restaurants facing challenging situations is evident through its diverse range of $10,000 grant programs. The Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund’s main program extends its assistance to restaurants impacted by state- or federally-declared natural disasters across multiple regions, including the US, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. This initiative offers crucial relief for operating costs, encompassing rent, food, utilities, and supplies.

Moreover, DoorDash has introduced specific regional grants, like the Tennessee Tornado Relief Fund and Nova Scotia Flood Relief Fund, addressing localized challenges. Additionally, the company remains dynamic, with the potential for more programs in the future. To stay updated on the latest opportunities, applicants must regularly check DoorDash’s website or reach out directly for any updates.

It’s crucial for potential applicants to carefully review eligibility criteria and deadlines, as they may vary across the different programs. With multiple DoorDash grants, applicants can choose the program most relevant to their specific situation. These initiatives underscore DoorDash’s commitment to providing much-needed financial support, aiding restaurants in their recovery and rebuilding efforts after facing unexpected hardships.


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