Don’t Have Air Conditioning in Your Car? You Will Survive the Heat in Your Car with These Tips

There are processes you can follow to make you survive the heat in your car without air conditioning. There is a heat wave going on in many places in Europe. The temperatures are getting far above 30 degree Celsius, so it is necessary to cool off as much as you can during the day. Some drivers are opportune with lovely, cool air conditioning in their cars. Others aren’t so lucky and get stuck in a traffic jam in a scorching hot car. Don’t you have A/C in your car? Then you should try these tips to make life more bearable during this heat.

These tips will enable you to cool down your car a little bit.

Wet washcloths

To start with we have got a simple tip that will make things a lot better already: hang a few wet washcloths in front of the air blowers in your car. The air that comes out of the blowers will feel a lot cooler because of this. It is pertinent to have multiple wet washcloths on hand, though, because the air blowers will of course cause the clothes to dry within no time at all.

Wet hair

Preparing yourself properly before you get into your car can assist a lot to cool off once you are inside it. Cool clothes make things a lot better, but stepping into your car with wet hair works even better. Your scalp will be able to cool down much better because of the moisture that evaporates in your hair. Your entire body temperature will go down this way.

Ice cubes

This trick has its origins in hot, rural Arizona, USA. The inhabitants have been using this trick since the 40s of the previous century to enable driving in cars without A/C bearable. For you to cool down your car, you should place a small bowl or container filled with ice cubes on the floor of the car. The ventilation, especially near your legs, will blow cooler air throughout your car because of the ice cubes.

Bottles of water

Are you out of ice cubes? You can still follow the tip above; just use a frozen bottle of water. A frozen bottle of water can be useful in other ways as well. For example, you can simply wrap one in a towel and place it in your neck when you have to wait in the traffic jam for a long time. Do you realize that the ice in the bottle has melted down? Then you have got fresh, cold water to drink. Therefore, it is a win-win solution.

Time of day

It is not everyone that has the luxury of being able to plan when they go for a drive. For example, when you have to drive to work, you have to drive to work. Yet, if at all possible, it would be smart to avoid having to drive again when it has sufficiently cooled down outside, at around 5pm. The worst heat is over at that point, and you will be able to drive home feeling much more relaxed and cool. Also, endeavor to park your car in a spot with enough shade. In such a way, you won’t step into a car that feels like a veritable sauna.


Don’t have a choice and need to park your car in the blazing sun? Use sunscreen. It is possible to also cover the windows and sides with sunscreens. This will make quite a bit of difference when you get back into your car.

Car fan

The most effective solution and the one that works quickest are to purchase a car fan. They aren’t much costly and you will experience a lot of enjoyment out of them in your scorching hot car. They will immediately offer you with cooling air, they are easy to attach and you can plug them into the cigarette lighter. In such a way, you can use your car during a heat wave without a problem!

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