Dog Walking Jobs and Best Apps (Plus Sites You Can Get The Job)

Just like any of pet, you can get paid for walking dogs. If you are dog lovers and always willing to be with them, this is a good opportunity for you to monetize your passion. Dog walking is a beautiful job that can get you paid as you will also be happy doing it. Some people actually do this for fun but have you wondered catching fun while being paid? It is real and possible; this article shall reveal more about that.

As a lover of dogs, the best way to enjoy this admiration most is by dog walking which seems to have more people willing to give out their dogs for walks. This article shall tell you more about this job and how you can earn good money through it. The article will also tell you some apps and online resources that you can easily find dog walking jobs. This shows that your love for dogs can actually earn you money just by spending your time to walk, guide and take care of them and you will start making cool cash from it.

Technology has made things simple for everyone as you can now find apps online that will assist you in getting this type of jobs. With the use of those apps, you can just easily have access to a lot of people willing to have you help them walk around their dogs. Amazing isn’t it? It is a fun job you shouldn’t miss.

How Much Can You Make As A Dog Walker?

There are many people that are making as nothing less than $2000 in a week which solemnly depends on how many dogs you are able to walk with and the location of your clients. There are some dogs owners that can pay you up to $15 per hour and amazingly you can receive much money in just a week. The more dogs you are able to take for walk, the more money you will generate.

How Can You Become A Dog Walker?

It is not a complex issue to be a dog walker. You firstly need to have the passion for the jobs and always love to move around with dogs. Just as working on other jobs also requires the commitment from you, you only need to show the seriousness and desire for this job and you are there! When you are able to look into being passionate rather than focusing on the money you will get from doing it then you are on the right track. This is because dog walking is not only about taking dogs for walk but also taking care of care while you are with them. You will feed them, monitor how they behave and focus on their medication and health.

How Can You Deliver The Best Dog Walking Service?

Your attitude to work determines how others patronize you. It is not a complex issue for dog owners to give you their dogs for walk but rather it is their hope they are being take care of and treated well. Therefore, it is not just about walking with the dogs and gets paid; it is basically about making sure the dogs have fun when they are with you. It might be making the dogs runs a bit or walk around the nature and make them feel comfortable.

How Can You Start A Dog Walking Business?

How to start the business is very simple just that you firstly need to start it with yourself. By the time you are able to generate more clients and traffic to your side, you can then connect other dog walkers to work with you. From that you can then get the dog walking jobs and pay other dog walkers that are working for you to deliver it. In order to have a good business with dog walking service, you should know more about online resources and apps that you can start working with in order to have more insights about the service.

Best Dog Walking Online Resources And Apps You Need To Know:

  1. Rover: This is a well-known website for dog walking services. You can also engage in other pet services such as cat sitting and other pet sitting services. This website also provide app for you to easily operate as a dog walker. Rover offers different kinds of services and you can earn up to $1000 per month through the use of this website. When you submit your details to this website, it will scrutinize it and check if you are appropriate for the task and once you are accepted, it will link you with homeowners that are willing to have your service.
  2. Just as the name implies, everything you need to know about dog walking business or service can be found on this website. It provides wide range of opportunities. When you are a lover of dogs and willing to earn money through your admiration, this website is the best for you to visit and get more insight on what you desire to do. This website also has features that can help you promote your service as a dog walker when you pay for it. Through it, you will be able to show your how much you charges and what you can offer to clients and dog owners.
  3. This is another great online resource that allows you to easily operate your dog walking services. The website possesses a lot of users and could enable you to have many requests as much as you can. With this site, you can create your personal account and it will allow you to connect with different people that are willing to have your service. However, it is your duty to make your profile looks attractive and convincing so that potential employers might develop interest in you.
  4. Little Paws Dog Walking: This is a company that is located in Chicago which allows people to take care of pets and dog walks. The company offers different kinds of animal and pet care services to pet and dog owners. This is a good opportunity for dog lovers that are residing in Chicago as they have the chance to work with this company.
  5. Wag: Wag is a mobile app that enables you to receive money as a dog walker. You only need to be up to 18years and have passion for dogs for you to operate this app. Before you can be accepted by Wag, you must be an experienced dog walker and trainer; also you must be someone that is trustworthy and have a strong passion to take care of animals. You can choose your preferred schedule and work at your available time. When you are accepted by Wag, you can start to earn money by dog walking.
  6. OutUGo: This is another impressive website that offers dog services such as dog sitting and dog walking to dog owners. Dog walkers that work with this website are always trained and supported with necessary tools to ease their service. The site also has mobile apps that can be installed on Smartphone for easy work.

Other online resources and apps that can assist you get dog walking jobs also include:

  • Petsitter
  • Walkio
  • HoliDog
  • PetBacker and many more


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