Does Your Partner’s Snoring Drive You Insane? Put This on Your Nightstand!

There is a particular plant that will apparently stop you from snoring. Most of us will know the frustration of having to sleep next to someone who is snoring. As soon as they fall asleep the cacophony begins and you either have to wake them up, put in ear plugs, or deal with it. It can actually mess with a good night’s sleep and it won’t do your mood any good either!

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t despair! Asda has come up with a way out.


To eradicate all of your snoring-related issues, Asda has begun selling a houseplant. That is right, the perfect solution we have been talking about is a plant. In fact, it is not just a plant, but a pineapple plant. These plants are said to have ‘snore-reducing qualities’. Since pineapple plants produce oxygen, they help improve the air quality around them. Better air quality will assist you sleep better and more quickly, so placing one of these plants in the bedroom can make all the difference!


The plants are grown in Holland and they usually take between 21 and 24 months to develop the small pineapple at the top. Sadly, these pineapples aren’t inedible, so they are purely for decoration. But if you buy them at Asda, they do come in a cute pineapple-like vase. They are available till January, so they might just make the perfect Christmas present to your snoring partner. No need for some fancy sleep treatment henceforth!

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