Does Your Jacket or Bag Have A Stiff Zipper? Try This Simple Trick to Make It Run Smoothly Again!

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If you desire a perfect solution to a stiff zipper, just get a pencil. It can be very frustrating when you zipper won’t open or close easily. You are about to leave work in the morning and, let’s face it, you are in a bit of a hurry – and then your zipper just won’t come up. This takes time you simply do not have! And even if you do have the time, a stiff zipper is annoying. Is your zipper stuck or just stiff? Then you don’t need to throw them away, or bring it to get fixed straight away. All you need is a pencil to fix it on your own!

A pencil is all it takes for your zipper to run smoothly again.


This is a very simple trick that only has two easy steps. First, you need to locate the exact spot on the zipper that causes the stiffness. This is where the pencil comes in! use the pencil to color the stiff place and do this thoroughly. When you try to use this zipper again, you will notice that it will be much easier to zip up.

Parchment paper

If you don’t have a pencil lying around, there is another alternative to make this trick work. Rubbing a piece of parchment paper onto the stiff spot on the zipper will also be effective. The parchment paper is slightly greasy, which will make sure the zipper will run smoothly again. That is simple!

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