Do You Wish to Double The Amount of Space in Your Fridge? Use Chopsticks!

Using chopsticks is an effective way to double the amount of space in your fridge. Regardless of how big your fridge is, the space for certain products always remain limited. Are you someone who loves to cook in advance for the rest of the week? Then the bowls of food can begin to pile up pretty quickly. Since these bowls are usually covered with some aluminum foil or clingfilm, you can’t just stack them on top of each other. Fortunately, this trick with chopsticks will help you out with that!

This tip to save space in your fridge hardly costs you any money or effort!


Before we give you full detail about the amazing chopstick trick, we have another tip for you. Did you ever think of placing a sponge in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator?  We think you will start to do it after reading the tip. Fruit and vegetables usually lose their flavor and texture inside the fridge because it is a damp location. In the bid to ensure that your fruits and veggies remain fresh for much longer, a sponge can come in handy. A sponge is effective in absorbing all of the excess moisture inside a fridge, which implies that it can no longer influence your fruits and veggies. The result is that your fruits and veggies will remain tasty and fresh for much longer!

Chopsticks in the fridge

Have you ever wondered how a few simple, wooden chopsticks help to create more space in the fridge? It is very simple: the chopsticks serve as a kind of bridge between the different bowls which enables you to stack them easily. Do you have bowl covered with aluminum foil inside your fridge but do you wish to store another one in there as well? Here is what you can do to save space. Simple place two chopsticks on top of the first bowl. Next, you can very easily place the second bowl on top, thus stacking the bowl. You are making optimal use of the space above the first bowl, and you have also got a lot of space left for other things inside your fridge. Such an ingenious trick, isn’t it?

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