Do You have Cat Litter at Home? You Can Use it for These Unexpected Things around the House

Indeed, your cat isn’t the only one that should benefit from the cat litter. Cat lovers usually have at least one or two big bags of cat litter lying around the house. These useful grains aren’t just handy when we are talking about filling the litter box, but for other things as well. We have got three unexpected uses of cat litter for you today! Are you aware of these tips?

For optimal functioning, it is most appropriate to use silica grains.

Musty books

Do you ever get out some old books from the attic or discover a few great finds at a flea market? Possibility is they have a bit of a musty, mildew smell about them. Definitely, you don’t want to put the books on the shelf smelling like that, since then your entire living room will begin to smell musty. A great way to fix it: fill a deep, plastic container with a layer of cat litter. This layer should be about five centimeters high. You can place the books with their backs in the litter and let it stay there overnight. The following day, you will observe the musty smell has gone.

Winter clothing

Have you put away your winter clothing? There are few months that we don’t have anything to do with our winter clothes when we put them away. Once you take the clothes out of the storage again when the cold season arrives, they often smell a little musty. Do you wish to ensure your clothes come out smelling fresh and fruity once the winter months come round again? Then you should simply take a sock and fill it with cat litter. Ensure you tie the sock closed properly and then attach it to a clothes hanger. Now place the hanger between your winter clothes. The litter will absorb musty smells and moisture from the closet which implies your clothes will remain appearing fresh for the months to come.

Steamed up car windows

There are few things as annoying as getting into a car in the morning and having your windows steam up completely. Definitely, you could wait in your car for five minutes every morning before you can see through windows again. Also, you could use some cat litter! Prevention is definitely better than cure! Now you should fill a sock with cat litter and make sure it is closed properly. In order to be safe, you could put another sock around the first one to ensure no litter can escape. Place the sock on your dashboard, beneath the windscreen of your car. The litter will absorb all of the moisture in the car, which means the window will no longer steam up.

You can take a look at the video below to see how the trick works:


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