Do You Have A Lot Of Greasy Hair There Are Chances Of Forgetting To Do So

This will help you get rid of fatty hair

Many people get greasy hair quickly. Although your hair is completely clean, it only looks bad and this is really unfortunate. You can use all kinds of shampoos, lotions and other dosages but they seem to make matters worse. Fortunately, we have the solution for you!

You may not have thought of this before!

hair brush

Many people forget to clean up this thing, and this thing causes many cases of fatty hair: brush your hair. You use it practically every day, but have you cleaned it? Maybe not often enough, but it is extremely important to give it a good clean once a month. Your hair brush is a breeding ground for bacteria that can make your hair greasy and can irritate your scalp.

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If you want to clean your hair brush properly, first make sure to remove all the stray hairs from it. Then, use the forceps to get rid of all the sweat and sweat that is also there. This was all preparatory work. Now is the time to start real cleaning! Prepare some water with soap with mild shampoo and water and place the brush in it, with the small screws facing down. Be sure not to immerse the brush completely in water; this will dampen the small pad and may cause a foul odor. Leave the brush until dry with the nails down as well. Now, it will be ready for use again!

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