Did Your Clothes Shrink in The Wash? Undo the Damage with This Bathroom Product

We have found a solution to shrunken clothes. Should you have a T-shirt that suddenly looks more like a crop top or a pair of pants that you can no longer get over your hips: sometimes an item of clothing shrinks in the washing? You have got two options: moping about it or undoing the shrinkage. Fortunately, we have got the most appropriate trick for achieving that last option.

There is no need throwing those shrunken clothes out!


There are only a few things you will need to do in order to undo the shrinking process. The most important ones are a towel, a drying rack, hair conditioner, and a clothes peg (and the item of clothing in question, of course). Got all of those things ready? Now, follow these instructions:

·        Fill the sink with cold water and add a generous splash of hair conditioner

·        Place your shrunken clothes inside the water and let it stay there for 10 to 15minutes so that the container can properly soak into it.

·        Drain the water out of the sink.

·        Wring out the item of clothing and ensure that you manage to get as much water out of it as possible (avoid rinsing it).

·        Place the item of clothing on top of a towel. Ensure both are lying fat. With this way, the towel will be able to absorb all the remaining water.

·        Hang the item of clothing on a drying rack and wait till it is dry. That is it!

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