Definitely, It is Very Good to Put a Clove of Garlic in Your Toilet

It is most convenient to put a clove of garlic in your toilet at night. Should there be anything we don’t like doing, it is cleaning. We can postpone it, but by doing it that the bacteria will spread quickly. Therefore, rolling up your sleeves is the only thing to do. Is cleaning the toilet on your schedule for today? Fortunately, you can make things a lot easier with a clove of garlic.

Cleaning trick

There are several tricks we can easily get from the internet today to make life easier. Descaling the kettle? You can simply do that by boiling water with a lemon in it. Cleaning the washing machine? You do that by putting two dishwasher tablets in it. These tips don’t sound too strange or unusual. One that does sound weird is to put a clove of garlic in the toilet. With the mantra, “if it doesn’t work, it won’t hurt,” we thought it was worth trying.

Garlic in your toilet

 You are probably wondering why anyone would put a clove of garlic in their toilet. Therefore, this is why it works: garlic contains a substance called allicin, which offers off the strong garlic scent. But not only that, it also protects you against bacteria and it keeps fungi at bay, even in places where fungi often flourish, like in your toilet.

At night

This trick actually works, and it is very simple: all you have to do is put a clove of peeled garlic in your toilet. It is best to do this at night when you use the toilet less often. Just flush your toilet in the morning. When you repeat this process twice a week, the garlic will help keep your toilet mold-free. Meanwhile, ensure you keep cleaning the toilet the way you often do.

Watch the video below:


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