Cryptocurrency price forecasts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Bitcoin Market Overview: BTC / USD Download Bull or Bull Trap?

The formation of the bullish wedge pattern of the BTC / USD trading pair indicates that the large rise of encryption codes above $ 8000 may not last long. At present, the BTC is 9% higher than the weekend low of just over $ 7,500. The same support, which amounts to $ 7,500, was reviewed by Bitcoin on June 6.

Bitcoin renewed the short-term bullish picture with a massive move above $ 8100 on June 12. Successive trading sessions were also positive. Unfortunately, trading volumes remained almost uncooperative and the rally was not guaranteed. If anything of the size of Bitcoin on CoinMarketCap has fallen 42% from its peak in May at $ 33 billion to $ 19 billion current.

Etherum purchases can soon start with Amazon as part of a partnership between two emerging companies

According to a press release released on Friday, CLIC Technology is partnering with the B2B B2B platform to develop a browser such as an extension that will enable Amazon customers to pay for online shopping using Ethereum. Such a platform will be a game changer because Amazon does not accept encrypted currency as payment.

The two companies intend to achieve the goal using Plasma Cask, a technology highlighted by Vital Buterin in March 2018. The implementation of the concept of opportunity is a payment solution similar to Bitcoin ‘s Lightcoin network “will bring the modern economy of the encrypted currency one step away from becoming a reality. “

Update the Litecoin Market: Speculators rise on LTC / USD high of ash again

LTC / USD is resuming the upside move after dips from the new 2019 peak at 144.31. The price dropped below the $ 130 level below one day after zooming to levels above $ 140. Cryptocene was worth $ 8.2 billion among the biggest gainers in the encryption market yesterday.

Despite the correction, Litecoin is still trading higher than the main level (previous resistance at $ 125). Stable support at $ 125 today plays a key role in the ongoing reversal above $ 130. Today’s charts show Litecoin among the encryption assets in the Green Zone. In general, the market is located in the red zone where major currencies such as Ripple are traded below critical levels, for example, $ 0.4.


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