Covenant University School Fees for 2023/2024 Session

The Covenant University School fees give many intending candidates, guidance, and parents a tough time, considering their financial status. You are undoubtedly on this page because of Covenant University school fees for 2023–2024, right? Well, worry no more because this page will fulfil your search criteria by providing complete details about Covenant University School fees.

With some federal, state, and private universities allowing new students without first being aware of the institution’s financial needs, as this is the current situation at Covenant University, this has become required year after year.

Many aspirants think about the numerous factors for each academic year, and there are many factors to consider before selecting the University of your Choice, such as the location, the academic calendar, and the most crucial aspect, the Covenant University school fees.

However, as your financial situation and your parents or guardians need adequate attention before selecting a school, today’s discussion will mostly centre on Covenant University School fees.

Covenant University school fees

In this article, we will discuss Covenant University school fees structure.

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However, if you are among those searching for attracting topics like Covenant University school fees in 2023/2024 and other details on Covenant University school fees, below is the payable for the undergraduate students.

Covenant University School Fees for Freshers Students

As a fresh student, early payment of the 2023/2024 school fees is advisable. Also, students should pay at the University’s approved bank. Click here to see the list of banks that the University’s management approved for payment of school fees.

Undergraduate School Fee

Based on the management’s decision, the followings are the administrative charges for all fresh students.

Administrative Charges for Freshers

The following administrative charges are paid based on the student’s course of study. Students whose courses are unrelated to laboratory-related courses will not pay for lab coats and tools or any lab-related payment. Below are the payable administrative charges:

S/N Item Fee
1 Books N15,000
2 Caution Fee N25,000
3 Field Trip N7,500
4 College Dues N2,000
5 EDS N6,000
6 ICT Training N30,000
7 ICT Development Fund N25,000
8 Identification Card N15,000
9 Lab Coat and Tools for Engineering Students N25,000
10 Lab/workshop/studio Fee N40,000
11 Lab Coat and Tools for Science Students N7,000
12 Matriculation N15,000
13 Medical Deposits N10,000
14 Medical Test N15,000
15 Result Verification N5,000
16 TMC and Vision 10-2022 Kits N15,000
16 Utility N75,000
17 Virtual Library N15,000
18 Wireless Internet N15,000

The table below presents the Covenant University School Fees for Fresh undergraduate students.

S/N Programs School Fees
1. Accounting N937,500
2 Architecture N937,500.
3 Banking and Finance N937,500.
4 Business Administration N937,500
5 Demography and Social Statistics N937,500
6 Economics N937,500
7 Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management N937,500
8 International Relations N977,500
9 Marketing N937,500
10 Policy and Strategic Studies N977,500
11 Political Science N977,500
12 English Language N977,500
13 Mass Communication /Public Relations and Advert N977,500
14 Psychology/Counseling N977,500
15 Sociology N937,500
16 Biochemistry N984,500
17 All Engineering Courses N1,002,500
18 Building Technology N977,500
19 Computer Science N977,500
20 Microbiology N984,500
21 Biology N977,500
22 Industrial Physics / Mathematics N984,500
23 Industrial Chemistry N984,500
24 Management Information Systems N977,500
25 Estate Management N977,500

Covenant University School Fees for Returning Students

As opposed to the freshers’ school fees, the returning students’ school is a bit comforting. It varies depending on the course of study. The table below shows the payable school fees for returning students.

S/N Programs 200 300 400 500
1 Accounting N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
2 Architecture N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
3 Banking and Finance N817,000 N817,000 N827,500 N/A
4 Business Administration N817,000 N817,000 N827,500 N/A
5 Demography and Social Statistics N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
6 Economics N857,500 N857,500 867,500 N/A
7 Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management N817,000 N817,000 N827,500 N/A
8 International Relations N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
9 Marketing N817,000 N817,000 N827,500 N/A
10 Policy and Strategic Studies N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
11 Political Science N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
12 English Language N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
13 Mass Communication/ Public Relations and Advert N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
14 Psychology/Counseling N857,500 N857,500 N867,500 N/A
15 Sociology N817,000 N817,000 N827,500 N/A
16 Biochemistry N864,000 N857,500 N874,500 N/A
17 All Engineering Courses N882,500 N882,500 N845,000 N892,500
18 Computer Science N857,500 N850,00 N867,500 N/A
19 Microbiology N864,500 N857,500 N874,500 N/A
20 Biology N857,500 N850,000 N867,500 N/A
21 Industrial Physics/Mathematics N864,500 N857,500 N874,500 N/A
22 Industrial Chemistry N857,500 N850,000 N867,500 N/A
23 Management Information Systems N857,500 N850,000 N867,500 N/A
24 Building Technology N857,500 N857,500 N820,000 N867,500
25 EstateManagement N857,500 N857,500 N820,000 N867,500

Covenant University School Fees for International Students

Over the years, the international students’ payable fees are not uploaded for reasons known to the University’s management. To ascertain the University school fees for international students, click here to email the management, requesting the payable for international students in the 2023/2024 session.

Covenant University Hostel Fees

All students are entitled to university hostels. The university management charges the sum of N185,000 for accommodation at all levels. This accommodation is viable only for undergraduate students.

Covenant University Scholarship

Scholarships with full or partial funding are available at Covenant. Every year, Covenant University scholarships residents and students from other countries. Click here to see if you are eligible for the scholarship scheme.

Covenant University School Fees for Postgraduate Students

The university’s official website has no information regarding Covenant University’s postgraduate tuition costs for whatever reason. We searched everywhere but could not locate any reference to the fees.

Postgraduate Payable fee

The Covenant University postgraduate tuition fee list that InfoWaka published accurately reflects the 2017–2018 school year. This information will provide you with an idea of the costs. However, if you’re looking for a broad overview of Covenant University costs, take a look at the following list:

S/N Program Degree in view Payable Fee Per Year
1 Biochemistry MPhil, MSc, Ph.D., MPhil/PhD N600,000
2 History M.A N600,000
3 English Language English Literature

MPhil, M.A, MPhil/PhD

English Language

MPhil, M.A, MPhil/PhD



4 Religious Studies Pastoral Ministry N600,000
5 Diplomatic Studies MDS N600,000
6 Accounting MSc, PhD N750,000
7 Business Administration MBA Executives

MPhil, MBA, MSc, MPhil/PhD



8 Marketing MPhil, MSc, MPhil/PhD N750,000
9 Finance PGD




10 Information Resource MPhil, MIRM, MSc, PhD N600,000
11 Nursing Science MSc N750,000
12 Public Health MPhil, MSc, Ph.D., MPhil/PhD N750,000
13 Agricultural Science MPhil, MSc, PhD N600,000
14 Microbiology MPhil, MSc, Ph.D., MPhil/PhD N600,000
15 Computer Science MPhil, MSc, PhD, MPhil/PhD N750,000
16 Mass Communication MA, PhD N600,000
18 Public Administration MPM N600,000

How to Make Payment

You need first to print out a notification slip here

All payments are made through the convent university platform (don’t use E transact and other channels)

While registering on the portal, use your jamb registration number as your username and password.

There is nothing like an instalment payment; pay your fees 100% completely.

Your acceptance fee is included in the above amount.

These are the list of banks where you can pay your fees.


Enterprise Bank



Covenant Microfinance Bank (CMFB)

First Bank of Nigeria

Diamond Bank

Access Bank

Union Bank

Zenith bank

Visit any of the listed banks above and ask the cashier to give you a teller; tell them you Want to pay covenant university school fees.

They will direct you on what to do; after payment, don’t forget to get the PIN and receipt number. These are the essential details to process your fees at the university’s portal.

Head over to the school fees portal and click on CU PORTAL.

Log in with your password and username, and click on PAY FEES.

Enter the amount and follow the rest instructions to finalize your payment.

We hope that we are able to provide an answer to all your inquiries. However, these are all we can find out about Covenant University school fees. If you have other questions you need an answer to about CovenantUniversity, kindly drop them in the comment section; we try our best to provide you with an answer.


How much is the Covenant University hostel fee?

Currently, the Covenant University accommodation hostel fee is N185,000 for each student.

Is the University school fee paid yearly or per semester?

For your first year, you will pay for your school fees once.

How much is the Covenant University school fees for freshers?

The minimum of N937,500, and the maximum of N1,002,500.

How many students per room at Covenant University?

The hostel accommodates two students per room.

What is the acceptance rate for Covenant University?

Covenant College admissions are selective, with an acceptance rate of 89%.

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