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Confirmed The Release Date of Borderlands 3, The Exclusive PC Version Of Epic

As promised, Gearbox revealed more details about the Borderlands 3 this morning, including the release date of the game. Unfortunately for Gearbox, some of this information leaked before it had the opportunity to be disclosed, but regardless, today’s ad still brings a lot of new information. For example, we had the opportunity to learn more about the four Vault fishermen we will play, along the bad guys who will face them.

First though the date of issue. Just as described in the previous leaks, Borderlands 3 will be discontinued on September 13. Gearbox opens game pre-requisites, with four different versions in total. As shown in the picture below, the standard version does not come with anything aside from the Golden Weapons skins package, which is considered a pre-order bonus. At the same time, the luxury version comes with five content packs that include new shapes for letters, weapons, alterations and ornaments.

The premium luxury version comes with all the bonus content included in the premium version, but also includes the season release. Seasonal Pass will cover four DLC campaigns and will include the Butt Stallion Beauty Pack, a nice little bounce on the Borderlands 2.

Serious Borderlands lovers who have money to burn can also pick up the Collector’s version, which includes, among other things, a counterfeit diamond box, various character statues, a model of the taboo, and content that comes with other versions of the game. You can see everything you offer in the thrill picture below.

Although the unveiling of the day did not really show us any play – this will come later, Gearbox is back – we’ve learned who the four Vault Hunters are. The first is the Moze the Gunner, capable of creating a mechanism called Iron Bear to help fight. The building fills the siren’s role in this game, which means that it is what we have seen call other fists.

After that, we got FL4K Beastmaster, who – as you guessed – could order the monsters to fight for him, although the kind of monsters he would be able to recruit is unclear at this stage. The group of heroes was rounded up by Zane the Operative, who “has great skill in sliding into combat, creating chaos, and sneaking out as if he never was.”

These four self-defense fishers will be against Calypso’s twins, who are trying to unify gangs in border areas and “claim the power of the final galaxy”. It is clear that it is up to the graves to prevent them from doing so. Although the game begins in Pandora – the setting for most Borderlands 2 – Gearbox says that the story of Borderlands 3 will take players to different planets in the galaxy, with the possibility of finding additional cabinets.

This is all we get today with regard to the details of the story and the games, but Gearbox says it will return on May 1 with the worldwide detection of the Borderlands 3. Unfortunately, those who were concerned about the leaks that Borderlands 3 proposed would be the exclusive Epic Store on PC also confirmed these concerns today. The Borderlands 3 will already be Epic Store exclusively when launched, but it will not stay that way forever as Gearbox says the game will be launched on other digital platforms in April 2020.

The Epic Store’s style of paying exclusive fees to attract more traffic has left much to be desired. This exclusivity period is likely to be subject to similar scrutiny from the gaming community, despite the fact that we are talking about a game as expected, such as the Borderlands 3. At the moment, we will wait and see how all these things will go, and we will get these details for you in the first of May, so follow us.

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