Certain Tips from Doctors to Boost Your Immune System

There are typical ways to help your immune system and we can’t ignore it. Today, coronavirus is a trending topic across the world and you only need to watch the news, open Facebook or just chat with a neighbor and you will be confronted with the news again and again. In any case, let us hope we can protect a lot of people from getting sick by, for instance, boosting the immune system.

Let us go back to the basics

Dr. Shannon Sovndal tells PureWow that “Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to boost the immune system. It actually comes down to the basics: the things your parents or grandparents taught you. When we are told to eat healthy, get enough sleep, avoid stress as much as you can, don’t touch your mouth or nose, and wash your hands regularly.” Also, Dr Rand McClain agrees and emphasizes: “Get enough sleep!”

Choose the right meals

It is a common saying that you are what you eat. Certainly, we are all aware that unhealthy foods won’t make you healthy. Now, the major issue is to know what you should eat to support the immune system. According to Dr. Raphael Kellman, the following should be considered:

·        Non-starchy vegetables

·        Lean protein

·        Seafood caught in the wild

·        Organic eggs

·        Organic poultry

·        Natural probiotics which includes sauerkraut, kimchee, kefir, fermented vegetables, and unsweetened Greek yoghurt.

·        Natural prebiotics such as artichoke, jicama, garlic, and asparagus

Avoid Processed Foods

According to Dr. Joan Ifland, “Processed food contains few nutrients, but it fills us in such a way that it can take the place of food that is nutritious and that would support the immune system.” Although she sounds realistic, she understands that most people sometimes want to take processed food. If the craving for processed food is occasional, it doesn’t matter. But if it happens regularly, then the immune system doesn’t get sufficient nutrients and the immune system can’t function well enough to combat viruses.

Don’t consume many supplements

People are keenly warned about supplements. “Many people have supplements in their home, but it hasn’t proven that it really helps if you have an unhealthy diet” says Dr. Sovndal. It was also agreed by Dr. Purvi Parikh that “No supplement has been medically proven to boost the immune system”, therefore, people are advised not to take supplements as replacement of a healthy diet.

Can you actually give your immune system a boost?

On this note, Dr. Rand McClain made a few comments about the boosting of the immune system. According to him, that term is often misinterpreted. “Someone’s immune system develops during the last trimester of pregnancy and it is later given to the child through breastfeeding. It is then that the body learns how to fight against diseases” says McClain.

It is very possible to make your immune system stronger than it is already, but the tips in this article are small things you can do to ensure that your immune system gets stronger.


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