Care Assistant Jobs in UK 2024 – With Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship

Are you interested in Care Assistant Jobs in UK in 2023? If you are, then read this article for the details you need to apply. You are invited to apply for the Care Assistant Jobs in the UK 2024 sponsored by Tier 2 visas. 

This is one of the most well-known and straightforward jobs available to the UK government. They have a critical shortage of applicants from other countries willing to relocate to the UK and work as care assistants. The Government of the United Kingdom will provide a Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship. Students and applicants who have been offered a job in the UK and are being sponsored by UKVI-authorized employers are eligible to apply for a Tier 2 Visa. 

The United Kingdom Visa and Immigration issue this visa. Over 46,000 approved, authorized companies in the UK are sponsoring international applicants to work in the UK with Visa Sponsorship. This number is constantly growing. Candidates of either gender are welcome to submit applications for caregiving jobs in the UK that come with visa sponsorship.

After receiving an offer letter that contains sponsorship for a Tier 2 visa, you will apply for a UK Fast Health Care Visa. The majority of jobs in the UK are permanent. The Healthcare Assistant’s responsibility is to ensure the patient has an experience that is as stress-free and pleasant as is humanly possible. 

Your work will be supervised by a medical expert such as a nurse, and the specifics of your duties will change depending on the location in which you are stationed. If you have a job offer in the UK, you may be eligible for a Tier 2 (General) visa, allowing you to work legally in the UK.

Find below a complete description of the job duties and a list of available positions for Care Assistant Jobs in UK in 2024 that offer sponsorship for Tier 2 visas.

Care Assistant Jobs in UK

Details: Care Assistant Jobs in UK

  • Country: UK
  • Employment Type: Part-time, Permanent
  • Visa Sponsorship: it is a visa sponsored job.
  • Visa Type: the type of visa is a Tier 2 UK Visa
  • Experience: No experience is necessary
  • Salary: candidate gets 10-15 Pounds Hourly
  • Job Sector: Hospitality, Social care, Home Care, Care Sector, Healthcare.

Advantages: Care Assistant Jobs in UK

  • Help and support throughout the procedure 
  • Help with the move, including booking flights and providing transportation to and from the airport 
  • Free housing for the first 14 days, with subsidised housing available for up to 6 months after that. 
  • You also have the option of living with the person who you are working with. 

Job Description: Care Assistant Jobs in UK

  • Patients should be washed and dressed. 
  • Provide patients with meals and assistance in feeding them. 
  • yoy will help get people where they need to go. 
  • Make beds 
  • Make sure that the patients are comfortable. 
  • Take the patient’s temperature, pulse, and respiration rate, as well as their weight, and monitor their condition. 
  • Carry out routine checkups 
  • Restock areas designated for consultations 
  • Process lab samples 
  • Take blood samples 
  • Work in the fields of health promotion and health education. 

Why Are Care Assistant Jobs in UK in High Demand? 

Approximately 12 million people in the UK are aged 65 or older, among which 5.4 million are 75 years old or older, 1.6 million are 85 years old or older, and more than half a million are 90 years old or older. They require caregivers who can help and assist them in their daily lives. It is one of the job most sought after and has the highest value in the UK.

How can I obtain UK sponsorship for a Tier 2 visa?

getting a sponsor license

Verify whether your company qualifies.
Verify whether your position qualifies for sponsorship.
Depending on the kind of worker you want to sponsor, decide the license you want to apply for.
Choose a manager for sponsorship in your company.
Apply online and submit payment.

Jobs in the British Government’s Care Sector in 2024

Finding work in the UK is getting less complicated. You can submit your application through the website of the United Kingdom government. The procedures to acquire and apply for a Care Visa Sponsorship Job in the UK via the official website of the UK government are as follows.

  • Step 1: Go to the website of the United Kingdom’s Department of Work and Pensions.
  • Step 2: A search bar will appear before you. 
  • Carefully, press the enter key after you have finished writing “Sponsorship or Visa Sponsorship.” 
  • Or write “Tier 2” 
  • Step 3: It will list all of the Tier 2 UK Sponsorship jobs from approved UK companies. And you can submit your application right from that website. 


Care Assistant Jobs in UK

Jobs in the NHS Care Sector 

In England, the National Health Service (NHS) is referred to as the NHS. It is currently accepting applications from people worldwide for the available job opening. 

They work to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality health care. The NHS encourages people from every country to apply for jobs there. The NHS is a government-approved sponsor in the United Kingdom, which means the organisation can hire and sponsor foreign workers. 

On average, approximately 25,000 job openings are posted monthly across more than 350 distinct specialisations on the NHS Jobs website. There are a variety of jobs available, and you can choose to either interact directly with patients or to work behind the scenes. Apply here.

Carer in the United Kingdom – Agincare International 

Agincare recruits from all over the world to fill positions in the United Kingdom. Agincare has always been proud to recruit candidates from all over the world because we recognise that providing care is a global endeavour. 

Agincare is a licenced sponsor with the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration Service. Through the new Health and Care Worker visa, Agincare will sponsor qualified nurses and senior healthcare assistants who wish to immigrate to the United Kingdom. 

Job Categories Available at Agnicare 

  • Package Including Care Home Jobs, Home Care Jobs, and Live-In Care Jobs.


  • Help and support throughout the procedure 
  • Help with the move, including booking flights and providing transportation to and from the airport 
  • Free housing for the first 14 days, with subsidised housing available for up to 6 months after that. 
  • Application Procedure: Visit Here 

Salary For Care Assistant Jobs in UK 2023

According to the most recent figures available, the typical Care Assistant pay in the UK is between £16,000 and £18,000 per year. In the UK, a Care Assistant may expect to make between £8.50 and £9.50 per hour on average.

There are large geographical pay disparities, with Care Assistants in and near London, for instance, often making more money. This average is provided merely as a guide because the vast majority of care facilities are privately owned and run, giving them the flexibility to pay their employees at drastically varying rates.

What Does a Care Assistant Make Starting Out?

Salary for entry-level jobs is roughly £16,000 per year.
However, starting pay for care assistants at NHS-run facilities is currently slightly over £20,000, which is more than the typical entry-level pay in the private sector.
But once more, entry level pay might differ from one service provider to the next. A lot will depend on your qualifications when you start the job and any prior, relevant experience.

What Duties Does A Care Assistant Carry Out To Get This Amount?

Care assistants perform their work at a person’s home, community, or residential care facility.
Adults with physical, mental, or developmental problems or older individuals are typically supported by them.
Among the many tasks that may be assigned are:

  • managing and leading group activities;
  • assisting with grooming and dressing;
  • preparing meals and assisting with eating;
  • tailoring care to each person’s needs;
  • keeping an eye on health and any illnesses;
  • ensuring that medications are taken as prescribed;
  • managing events and outings.
  • Work schedules are flexible and generally shift-based.

What Are The Pay Rates For Care Assistants In The NHS And The Private Sector?

The first distinction is that the bulk of Care Assistants work in the commercial sector rather than the NHS because 84% of care home beds are run privately. As previously indicated, remuneration is unregulated and unpredictable in the private sector, with benchmarks serving as only a general guide.

Care Assistants are paid within the same banding structure as all other NHS employees in the NHS.
Care Assistants often make Band 2 salaries, which now start at £20,270 per year. Therefore, on general, a Care Assistant’s starting pay in the NHS is a little higher.

Beyond this, it’s challenging to compare compensation at various stages of your career. Another thing to keep in mind is that benefits are typically greater within the NHS, with things like good holiday pay and maternity/paternity insurance. These advantages might not always be secured privately.

How Can You Work As A Care Assistant?

A formal education is not always required to work as a Care Assistant. Some but not all service providers require English and math GCSE grades of A-C. Entry into the workforce with a Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care is advantageous. Some companies will need this, and even if they don’t, it might make it simpler to request higher pay rates.

Although many Care Assistants enter the field without any formal training. You’ll need perseverance, compassion, resilience, and a deep-seated love for assisting others who are in need. Helping others before is not necessary, but it can be beneficial.

The Path to Nursing for a Care Assistant

Many of the skills required for a nurse career can be easily transferred to one as a care assistant.
Most importantly, both jobs rely greatly on your ability to care for others. In a care setting, you genuinely learn how to interact with vulnerable people, which is quite important.

Beginning your career as a care assistant provides the finest foundation for nursing. Working as a healthcare assistant in the NHS is the most direct route into nursing. Given that, you would be able to obtain a nursing degree while working part-time.

To begin the degree, you will most likely need at least an NVQ Level 3 in care assistance or nursing associate. A nursing associate position is a good stepping stone between becoming a healthcare assistant and becoming a licensed nurse. Another fantastic option is a nursing apprenticeship, which you can obtain by working as a care assistant or healthcare assistant.

An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to study to become a nurse since you can earn money while you learn. Working as a care assistant isn’t always a fast pathway to becoming a nurse because a nursing degree is always required. However, it undeniably makes being a nurse easier in terms of both experience and practical issues.

Vacancy opportunities in care homes in the UK 

Jobs in care homes and nursing homes can be found in the United Kingdom. The most comprehensive listing of care home jobs in the United Kingdom, with 9,062 openings for managers, carers, and nurses. 

More Jobs Available for Care Assistants in the UK 

Google each of their names, go to the career pages of each company you find, and then apply for the Caregiver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship. The following is a list of the Top Care Jobs in the UK currently hiring. These are the companies that have been approved.


Listed above is the Care Assistant Jobs in UK 2024 – With Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship. Hurry and apply for this job position if you are an applicant seeking to go overseas to work with little or no educational qualification and expertise. The job sector is in hospitality, Social care, Home Care, Care Sector, Healthcare and the salary ranges between 10-15 Pounds Hourly.

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