Canada Scholarship 2020-2021

If you are considering studying in Canada in order to receive a good scientific training in the best international institutes and universities, and also in order to obtain a globally recognized certificate, to help you enter the job market from its wide door, then you must the new scholarship program in Canada announced by the Canadian government.

Through this new study in Canada Scholarships program, a student can obtain a full academic scholarship for up to two years of post-secondary study.

Where he can obtain a diploma, post-secondary diploma, or graduate studies, or also obtain a master’s degree at a professional or technical college, institute, or Canadian university.

Also, this scholarship is available for all majors, which makes the chances of all students from eligible countries high.

Information on the Canada 2020-2021 grant:

The goal of establishing the new Canadian Scholarship Program is to give opportunities to Canadian institutes and universities across Canada to attract international students from different countries of the world.
In order for the student to obtain this scholarship, he will first have to apply to join an academic program at a Canadian post-secondary institution, whether college, university or institute.

This institution (college, institute or university) will apply for the scholarship on behalf of the student from the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development DFATD

That is, if the student is accepted to enroll in one of the eligible universities or institutes, then the latter will be responsible for submitting the grant application on his behalf.

This grant is funded by Global Affairs Canada under the supervision of DFATD.
Thus, the educational institution will be responsible for disbursing grants to admitted students.

Advantages of the Canadian scholarship for the 2020/2021 season:

⦁ The value of the scholarship varies with the length of study, the level of study, and the program of study as follows:
⦁ Up to 60,000 Canadian dollars for one-year study programs (for example two semesters of 4 months each)
⦁ Up to $ 120,000 Canadian for two-year study programs (for example, up to 20 months including 4 semesters, each term of 4 months)

⦁ It should be noted that the educational institution in which the student is studying may request from him 500 Canadian dollars when receiving the scholarship in order to contribute to the administrative costs.

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