Some Slow Paced Jobs and Where to Find the Best Ones


Are you looking for a slow paced job to consider? Then this article is a must read for you. It offers basic information about slow paced jobs, the various types and how to get these jobs. 
You can also learn about those that cab even pay you from $70,000 to $108,000 yearly. 
What Are Slow Paced Jobs?
A slow paced job is regarded as a job characterized by low stress, slow thinking, and calmness. It could be in a form of deep thinking and focus.
These type of jobs can be very ideal for people who don’t like working in an environment that is full of social distractions. In other words, it is a good option for introverts that wish to have a job.
In addition, most of the jobs include low travel requirements, a non-competitive workplace, and job security. 
Some Best Slow Paced Jobs and Where to Get Them
1. Travel Agent: This is a slow paced job whereby you are only expected to sell travel and tourism services. It allows individuals to advise clients on the best situation travelling destination for them.
This nature of job is slow paced and not stressful in that clients are often happy to make inquiries about their next vacation destination. As a travel agent, you don’t get much stress dealing with customers. 
In more than 70% of the time, you will engage customers or tourists who are often in happy mood and more polite. 
You can easily find a travel agent job by checking out available positions in any travel agency or airlines. 
2. Ghostwriting: A ghostwriter is someone who write and give the credit of authorship to somebody else. This job is slow paced and it is very ideal for people that have literary skills. 
If you are part of these people, you can write books, speeches, articles, and other forms of commissioned texts and enable the clients to take the credit.
Most ghostwriters work remotely and earn thousands of dollars annually. You can find ghostwriting jobs in places such as and so on.
3. Proofreading: A proofreader is someone who meticulously reads a document to find errors and make appropriate corrections. Their job is to ensure that a document is error free and suitable for publishing.
Proofreading jobs are slow paced as it requires analytical skills. In most cases, proofreaders are in a quite place where they will work devoid of social distractions. You can find proofreading jobs in places like Amazon, Cactus, Domainite, Polished Paper, Scribe, and many more.
4. Pet Sitting: This jobs is appropriate for people who love to be with pets. It involves caring for and handling pet animals. It is a slow paced job that doesn’t require stress.
This job could be relaxing and fun. According to reports, on average, a pet sitter can earn $27,000 to $54,000 as annual salary. Pet sitting jobs can be found in etc.
5. Real Estate Appraiser: This is another slow paced job that won’t consume your physical energy. You can work as a real estate appraiser and get paid. 
It is a job where you are to analyse the worth, value, or quality of a real estate properties on behalf of clients. 
It is a slow paced job whereby you don’t need any undue stress to perform. All what you need to do is to visit people’s homes and appraise the worth they dwell in.
Your clients might be banks that need your analysis before granting loans to home owners or property investors or making other decisions that involves client’s assets. 
6. Technical Writer: This is another slow paced job that you can consider. It involves developing, gathering, and disseminating technical information among st clients, manufacturers, and designers. 
The technical information they provide may be in a form of equipment manuals, appendices, or operating and maintenance instructions. 
In the same vein, a technical writer can draw diagrams to reveal how a product works. 
It is a slow paced job that requires an individual to have a slow thinking and a calm environment. 
7. Content Writer 
8. Dermatologist 
9. Orthodontist 
10. Software Developer 
Just as you have seen from the article, it is possible to get a slow paced job if you know where to look.
These jobs can be done with maximum calmness, slow thinking and stress free.
It also reveals some of these types of jobs and where to locate them.