How to Sell Your Used Clothes Online and 10 Best Places You Can Use


It is very important to make money out of the things we no longer use and in fact one of the methods is by selling out your unused cloths online and gets paid. In this article, we shall be discussing how you can make money online by selling your unused clothes and best sites you can use to carry out the transaction. This is because there are many sites that only deceive people and waster their resources in the quest of selling out their unused products.

This shows that with the help of technology, you can easily sell out what you don’t use anymore through internet even from your house because there are websites that offers where you can list your clothes for sale and get paid. It is done in such a way that you can list all your unused clothes you want to sell in a genuine website then add the amount you want to sell them to it.

Websites You Can Sell Your Unused Clothes Online and Get Cash in Return

While some websites provide the right tools you can use to buy or sell your unused clothes, other websites actually allow you to list all your unused clothes you want to sell and the price tag. Some of the tools might just only provide you with the access to the right people that are willing to buy your particular used clothes. The best websites to perform this transaction online are:

Facebook Page: Facebook is a well used social media platform in the world with a lot of activities going taking place daily. Being such a wonderful website, you can actually sell out your unused clothes and get more clients with such transaction when you are consistent. There are a lot of Facebook pages you can join and get in touch with other people that are also ready to buy or sell their unused clothes just as you desired. You can also create a facebook page for yourself where you can display what you have in stock for people to patronize and that will afford you the opportunity to reach the targeted audience. So by the time you are able to get the necessary traffic, you can become a full time fashion store and easily sell out your unused clothes at your comfort zone. This medium is really recommended for people that are desired of fashion industry or interested in having online fashion stores. In a nutshell, with Facebook, you can list your products with photos and the amount you want to sell them and Facebook feeds it to people who live nearby which you can then contact eachother via DM.

Storeenvy: This is another good platform you can sell out your unused clothes. The website connects members to their social media platforms whereby you can create an online store and list out the clothes you wish to sell at the Storeenvy marketplace. The platform doubles as a social media and an online store, which means people can follow and get updates about your store which makes it even more convenient to sell your products. This website gives you the opportunity to list your clothes for free but any sales made through it always attract 10% commission. This means that when you sell a cloth on the Storeenvy marketplace, you will return 10% of the total amount you made to the website and go with the remaining 90%. Meanwhile, if the clothes are sold through the storefront you created by yourself then you will get to keep 100% of the sales price.

eBay: One of the most popular market places that offers legitimate buying and selling of any types of items is eBay. This shows that through eBay, you can sell your unused clothes and make money from it. eBay is an online store that allows you to create an account which you can then add up what you wish to sell by uploading the pictures, giving it a price tag and label it with a good detailed description. A very important aspect you need to note about eBay is that it is one of the topmost ecommerce stores so you are trying to sell out your products to potential buyers, you need to be innovative and technical about it as there are a lot of competitors with you. If you really want to have a good sale at eBay, make sure your products are well detailed that will show the relevant and necessary information your potential buyers might want to know. Therefore, when a buyer shows interest in your clothes and makes a purchase, eBay will only take 10% of the final sale amount, while you take the remaining 90%.

Tradesy: Tradesy is a good app for your quest to buy or selling products particularly clothes online. In fact, it operates like a consignment shop. What you need to do is just make sure you have good pictures of your clothes and your clothes are in good condition. Then you can just upload the pictures and fill the listing form provided by Tradesy which won’t consume your time. What Tradesy does is that it will enhance pictures you uploaded to make it more appealing to the potential buyers. So when you tag a price to your products after listing it, you will pay a commission of 14.9% to Tradesy after sale.

Poshmark: This is another great platform where you can sell any fashionable products you wish to sell. They also developed an app you can use to effectively carry out your transaction. The app provide proper medium for its user to easy engage in buying and selling of items/products. Since you want to sell your unused clothes, what you only need to do is to download pohsmark app to your gadget, install and get registered then list up all what you want to sell. You can do that by creating a closet and then add up your clothes. Be reminded that your closet will generate more attention when there are many clothes on the list, also you can choose to enhance the pictures you uploaded with the filter features on the app. Poshmark charges 20% commission on any sale you made.

Mercari: Mercari is another platform that eases selling of products online. It is founded in Japan and has now extended its tentacle to US and UK. It allows you to create an account which will be used for buying and selling of products. Mercari provide access to marketplace where you can buy or sell any variety of clothing outfits. That is why it is a good place for you to sell out your unused clothes and start making money from it. A good note about Mercari is that it is well-known on social media which enable it to have many downloads. You only need to list up your products by uploading their pictures and tagging its prices with detailed description. So when there is a request by any buyer, Mercari will send you a prepaid shipping envelope and deliver it to the buyer. The charge of this site is 10% on any sale you made. Meanwhile, aside that you buy and sell unused clothes on this site, you can also buy or sell other items like shoes, mobile phones, jewelry and many more.


ThredUp: Another interesting consignment store is ThredUp has it enable people to sell clothes online and make money from it. This shows that you can make money by selling out your unused clothes when you send it to ThredUp for sale. ThredUp will send you a Clean-Out kit which will serve as the medium you will use to sell your unused clothes. What ThredUp does is that they will ThredUP will demand that you send them your used clothes of the highest standards. If your clothes don’t meet their standard, they would be sent back to you for a fee, or they would be sent to the charity partners or textile recycling companies. This shows that a good way to make money from ThredUp is by making sure you firstly order “a Clean out Kit” which will gives you the opportunity to receive a beautiful clean out bag that you will use to fill your clothes you want to sell with. Also, you will use the “CleanOut Payout Estimator” to determine how much you can make from the clothes you send to thredUP.

ASOS Marketplace: Another great platform to sell unused clothes online is ASOS Marketplace, it offers an environment to sell vintage products or new startup fashion wears. This particular platform is very good for those that wish to have online boutique. In fact, this marketplace provides you the opportunity to sell different products even when it is not made by you so far they are vintage or made by a newbie label. This shows that this medium didn’t only allow you to sell your unused clothes; it also allows you to start an online boutique which will enable you to earn more money. However, ASOS Marketplace charges 20% commission in any sale you make.

The RealReal: This is a notable medium for you to sell out your old wears and unused clothes and earn you money. You stand a chance of selling your items quickly when you list them as consignment on RealReal. Once you ship your items to TheRealReal, they will authenticate them before posting them for sale which means that they have made the listing much easier as you have the option of mailing in your clothes, dropping them at a local office or scheduling a free home pick-up. The experts of the company would ask for the clothes price, take the photograph and list them out for sale on their website. So at any sale made, their commission is 30%.

Craigslist: Craigslist is a well-known platform that offers a lot of transactions online. It can be buying and selling of products in jewelry, phone accessories, furniture, electronics and many more. Interestingly, you can also go to Craigslist and sell out your unused clothes. What you need to do is by posting ads about your unused clothes on Craigslist and you make money from it when buyers declare interest. Although, you can display your items online but you still need to meet your buyer and discuss at convenience. This is because when you visit the website, it will automatically redirect you to the Craigslist Center based on location so you can set a meeting appointment with your buyers. This shows that you own 100% of anything you sell at Craigslist.


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