How to Start a Doggy Daycare Business and Earn Money


People that love to take care of dogs can actually make money from it. This article offers insight into how you can start doggy daycare and earn money from it.
It reveals what is required, how to get started, and exactly how to make money from the process of Doggy daycare. 
Why Start a Doggy Daycare?
If you love to be with dogs and take care of them, then you can do so and earn money. It is a business of caring for dogs during the day when their owners aren’t around. It could be regarded as providing “baby sitting” services to dog owners. 
Although, starting a dog care business might sound appealing but they are some steps that need to be considered to make it successful. 
This article highlights some necessary tips  and details on the steps you can follow to start the dog business. 
What is Doggy Daycare?
It is basically a place where dogs are taken care of during the day until their owners return back. It is a cool business that dog lovers can build to offer care services to dogs. 
However, before you start this business, there are some things you need to have in mind. They will enable you to properly set up a daycare business that will appeal your potential clients. 
Steps to Successfully Start a Doggy Daycare 

1. Have the basic requirements: It is pertinent to ensure that you have what is required to run this business. You shouldn’t just come off the blues to start this business. 
You should research the rudiments of the business and know what to do to make it successful. 
You need to love dogs and people. Dogs are very physical animals and handling them could be physically exhausting. 
Also, you need to have basic or advanced dog handling skills such as voice commands, positive reinforcements, and other basic dog handling techniques. When you are acquainted with these skills then it will be easy for you to handle dogs.
Also, it is important to have the necessary certifications and licensing before running this business. You can make effort to get registered and certified. 
2. Know the Laws guiding the business: Another thing to consider before starting doggy daycare business is to know the local laws and ordinances for this nature of business. 
Every cities or states have their ordinances or laws concerning daycare for dogs. Therefore, you should get in tune with what obtains for the doggy daycare business in your state.
It will enable you to avoid wasting of money, time, and other resources. 
3. Have a business plan for doggy daycare: It is very essential for you to create a workable business plan for your doggy daycare business. It will guide you each step of the way.
The business plan will contains how you want to operate the business, details of the services you are offering, total costs, mission and vision, and marketing strategy.
By the time you are clear with the business plan, then you can start the doggy daycare business properly.
4. Get an Insurance and License: A basic requirement before operating a business is the license. It will make potential clients have trust in your business and willing to patronize. 
Licensing involves inspectors coming to your business office and checking out if you followed the proper procedures to prevent harm to dogs under your care. They will also check if your sanitation procedure can prevent the spread of diseases amongst the dogs.
Similarly, you need to get liability insurance. It will protect you from a huge loss if the dog under your care dies or becomes severely injured. 
5. Have enough pet supplies for doggy daycare business: It is necessary to have adequate pet supplies before running a doggy daycare business. The supplies include treats, food, beds, water bowls, toys, and kennels. 
Other supplies you should keep in place are mats, blankets, indoor and outdoor fences, a first aid kit, cleaning and disinfecting supplies. You should kindly that these supplies are gotten from the appropriate stores and dog centres. 
6. Market your doggy daycare business: You need to let the world know about your doggy daycare business. There are several ways you can promote your business for people to know the service you offer. It could be audio and visual advert, online site, social media, and any other marketing campaign. 
You can also offer different promotion deals to attract more customers. You can offer to give away items, discounts, and special rewards for first time customers. 
How to Make Money with Doggy Daycare
1. Provide doggy  daycare service 
2. Provide overnight care for dogs
3. Offer dog bathing and grooming service 
4. Provide dog in-home checking service 
5. Provide dog walking service
6. Sell pet or dog care products 
As we have explained in this article, it is not really a difficult thing to start a doggy daycare business. You only need to have the commitment and zeal to run the business. 
If you are a pet or dog lover, you can actually make money by offering doggy daycare business as you can see from this article.