How to start a Business with No Money (Some Easy Ways That Work)


If you want to know exactly what you can do to buy a business with no money down, then this article is right for you. 
It offers relevant insights into buying a business without any money and the very easy ways that are effective. 
Is it possible to buy a business when you have no money?
Yes, it is very possible. 
You can still buy a business with no money as it will be explained in this article. 
The basic concept in operating any form of business is that a product or service is made available to another individual or business entity. There is a price tag for every product or service rendered. 
When a customer is interested in a particular item, he or she will either pay or make available any other form of arrangement for purchase. It could be by bartering or on credit.
If agreed by both parties, the business and the customer deal is stuck, and the product is boughted, rented, or used.
Interestingly, although we will need money to purchase a business’s products or services, we may not need money to buy the business. 
Ways to Buy a Business with No Money 
1. Fire Sale: If a business experienced a bad circumstance within their store, often they would have what was called a fire sale.
The idea behind this concept is that any of the merchandise that was in the building  when the fire incident happened was deemed as damaged goods and therefore if a client is interested in interested in buying the item, they would buy it “as is”.
In the same line of thinking, if a business isn’t performing well, often the owner of the business wants to overcome the underneath pressures and stress of continuing operations. 
In most cases, a business owner who is experiencing difficulties with sales will be willing to hammering out a deal with a potential new owner.
Among the usual agreement by the two parties could be transfer of ownership with the new owner paying a certain amount each month. 
This process can be regarded as a lease to buy and can be a good example of owning a business with no money. 
2. Owner Financing: If a business owner wish to sell his or her business, an option for the business owner would be to take on the lending role of a financial institution. 
This is a case whereby the potential owner has no liquidity to be qualified for a business loan, poor credit history, or other reason for not pursuing a loan.
Although, the two parties involved will have a biding contract of agreement. The terms of the contract includes interest rate, purchase price, number of payments, amount of each payment, and if contract end up in default, what are the consequences?

3. Let’s make a deal: Another deal that can be brokered between a business owner and a potential buyer is to agreed on a paymnet plan based on the success of the business. This could be a win/win situation for both parties in that a specific amount is to be paid when a successful is recorded. 
In most cases, this nature of business is regarded as Earn-out.
It literally means that the seller finances the business and payment by the purchaser is tied to the earnings of that business. After concluding the agreement, the amount and frequency is usually indicated therein.
4. Strength in Numbers:Another great way to get a business with no money is by reaching out to other people who have the financial resources to support your plan.
As a potential business owner, you must done your homework very well and ensure you gather together the financials and past business performance of the company. 
A well detailed and strategically designed business plan will then be shared with potential investors that will reflect your analysis of the business and reflect your understanding of the business proper. 
The investors would love to know what will be their return on their investment dollars. Hence, this process need to be well thought out and realistic. 
5. Research Loan Companies: We don’t need to remind you that there are some loan companies out there that doesn’t need a down payment when an individual is thinking about buying a business. 
For sample, if an individual wants to buy a fast food centre and doesn’t have any money to make the purchase, the lending company can take it as collateral and provide a loan based on the anticipated purchase of major kitchen appliances such as a walk-in freezer, commercial stove and many more.
This could quite possibly happen because equipments bought on credit can be seized by the lender in case there is a default on the loan.
6. Partnership: Partnership is another great way to buy a business when you don’t have any money. The terms of agreement can be worked out with a partner who has the financial capacity and you have the business acumen. 
It can be a win-win for both individuals. The terms of agreement will be legally ratified noting the repayment, percentage of profits, options to buy percentage owned by either partner and so on. In all likelihood, the individual providing the investment money will earn the larger percentage of the company. 
7. Other Assets: Another option to buy a business when there is no money is to leverage on assets that you have. Examples of other assets are a home, a vehicle, any precious metal, unique collectibles, etc.
You don’t necessarily need to sell these items or liquidate them, as part of the purchase, they can just be utilized as a collateral to satisfy the business owner should there be any breach of the contract. 


The general belief is that it takes money to get money. This may not be true especially when it relates to buying a business and not having any money to commence the process of purchasing. 
However, instead of thinking about money, it takes a fresh perspective and thinking outside the business box to make the dream of owning a business become reality.