How to Get Paid to Stay in Hotels as a Hotel Tester & Some Best Payers


It is very possible to get paid for staying in hotels as a hotel tester and there are several real companies that pay or help you to get paid.
In this article, you will read about exactly how this works and the best companies that pay or help you get paid.
How Did it Works
This was going to be a memorable night!
Getting into your hotel room, inserting the electronic key into the door and the warm and enticing green light welcomed you to your five star experience. 
You move around and check out the amazing amenities, sat down comfortably on your big plush king-size bed to know the comfort level.
You feel at home for the night and yet no charge.
Certainly, the comfort and experience of a customer enjoying a five star hotel is worth its weight in gold to a hotel chain.
Several reviews posted by guests to narrate their experience is usually used as a determining factor as to whether they will return or whether another guest will try and capture that same positive experience or stay away from the hotel due to a bad review on them.
Therefore, hotels count on individuals to stay at their facility at no charge and write a review about them. 
That’s basically how this scope works!
Best Companies that Pay You to Stay in Hotels as a Hotel Tester

1. Hotel Reviews: It is now an easy task to share our experience, both good or bad, simply through different online platforms such as travel websites, social media platforms amongst others.
For example, if an individual had a poor experience from the dining section of an hotel, or the meal provided isn’t quality enough, an individual can not only talk about the experience but can also post the pictures on their social media handles.a
And when an individual has a bad experience from the service received, this same experience can be expressed to another. It will now serve as a valuable advise to another person who is willing to eat at that restaurant or spend a night at that hotel.
In a situation whereby the review is poor, a potential customer would definitely think twice before making a dining reservation or lodging at that hotel.
To the hotel staff and manager or restaurant owner, they will want to apologise to customer and make amendments to customer’s satisfaction and ensure such bad occurrence didn’t repeat itself. 

2. Yonderbound: This online site highlights reviews related with travelling in a broad sense. By utilizing this site, an individual can be paid according to what other guests may do.
Succinctly,  when an individual writes a review for this website and another person reads it and choose to stay at this reviewed hotel you may receive a commission. 
In a case whereby an individual utilize your review to book a room at a particular hotel, you would not get paid with money but you would earn credits.

3. Trivago: This is a major website when it comes to an individual booking a room for the night. They can easily login to the website and search the city and the hotel they wish to stay.
Through their website, you can easily get a reduction in the overnight than what is normally the going rate. 
Trivago, may pay in some instances, for an individual to write a review. 
Meanwhile, you should be informed that reviews are limited to only one time per month.


4. Nanovor: This website usually offers individuals for their well-thought-out and comprehensive reviews. When your review is selected, they will publish the review and offer you $10. 
Before you can pen down a quality review for this online site, there are some specific guidelines you need to follow.
Although $10 isn’t a huge money, it is certainly beneficial especially if the individual was planning to staying at this hotel, to begin with.

5. ITS Incognito: This is a mystery shopping webpage that operates in Europe and basically provides mystery shoppers in the hospitality industry. 
Their mystery shoppers are expected to evaluate their experience at a hotel. 
It is their assignment to also report on any banqueting or conference rooms that are available for outside businesses or used by hotel guests within the facility. 
The main job as a mystery shopper is to report how their valued customers are being treated and whether the franchise is promoting and engaging customer’s loyalty. 
How to Get Paid as a Hotel Tester by Different Hotels 
An individual can get paid as a hotel tester by reaching out to the hotel’s management after completion with a proposal. This is another possible option and the proposal will be in a form that you will write a review on your night’s stay as a guest within their hotel.
You could write about how friendly they are to customers,the cleanliness of the hotel rooms, any meals that were provided or taken-on site, and many more.
Verily, mystery shopping could be fun to do. It is also a serious work and you will need to be cognizant of what is taking place around them and objectively report what they are experiencing.