Best Elderly Companion Jobs that Pay You to Hang Out with Elderly


Are you surprised that you can be paid to hang out with elderly? All thanks to elderly companion jobs. This article reveals how it works and the best companies and programs that pay or help you get paid o hang out with elderly people. 
Why Elderly Companion Jobs?
All of us are getting older. In fact, some of us have had a head start. There are several benefits associated with being around people regarded as elderly. 
You can earn reward of learning from them, listening to historical events, taking advantage of their wisdom, and motivated by their true life story. 
Also, there are some companies that offer a wage for individuals to hang out with elderly. If you love being with the elders, then this opportunity may be your calling. 
Best Elderly Companion Jobs That Pay You to Hang Out with Elderly 
1. Home Healthcare Worker: Visiting Nurse’s Association 
The aging process will definitely take its toll on human body as we grow old. There are several health issues that will come up which include high blood pressure, increased level of cholesterol, aches, and pains in our joints, back pain etc.
In addition, any surgery experienced by an elderly person can necessitate the need for a visiting health professionals to offer home care service. 
The continued services include scheduled visits from a physical therapist, visiting nurse, and other medical experts. 
One such organisation is visiting Nurse’s Association. 
They usually offer a broad spectrum of healthcare needs to their parents. These medical experts are essential to meeting the ongoing health needs of seniors and allows these workers to earn a competitive wage as well as interacting with an enriching segment of our population. 
2. Caregiver: Visiting Angels 
There are some reasons why it isn’t always possible for elderly people to care for themselves independently. Medical conditions such as recuperation from surgery, the reality of getting older, Alzheimer’s and many more.
Most people nowadays prefer to have their family members to stay at home instead of committing them to senior living facilities. 
To make this possible, they usually employ the service of a caregiver to look after the aged love one.
Such an organization comprised of caregivers is Visiting Angels. The caregivers attend to the needs of the individual daily or draft out a schedule to be in the home as needed. 
The caregivers have the opportunity to interact with these elderly individuals and offer necessary care for their patients. 
The care usually involves bathing, feeding, and just providing companionship. 
3. Retirement Center: Community Activity Director 
Most retirement centres are self-contained and offer numerous services for their residents to maintain their zeal for living. 
The services include the serving of wine and cocktails before supper, offering an elegant dinning experience, as well as maintaining a safe and secure living ambience. 
One of the great staff functions within the retirement center is activities director. 
The activities director is meant to schedule and provide events that are tailored towards encouraging the resident’s physical, social, education, and physical involvement. 
When an individual is keenly interested in hospitality and loves working with senior citizens, then being an activity director at a retirement center is a good thing to go for.
4. Housekeeper: Merry Maids
The truth is that there comes a time when the elderly people won’t be able to maintain the cleanliness of their home except done by an aide.
Therefore, the elderly people and their families usually resolve to engaging a housekeeper who will then help manage the several cleaning chores of the house. 
The cleaning chores are mopping, dusting, sweeping, laundry, cleaning the bathroom etc.
Meanwhile, one don’t need to see this task as a maid or servant for being paid while involved with a senior. The real perspective would be for an individual fulfilling this role as a housekeeper being an individual who is assisting another individual. 
A well known agency that helps aged people with their housekeeping needs is known as Merry Maids. It is an international franchise that was founded in 1979.
The housekeeping individuals are sent to various homes to clean it and pay certain attention to disinfecting specific areas in the home.
5. Odds Jobs: Wonolo
The aged people still need individuals to help them carry out some small projects. It could be the fixing of a leaky faucet, painting, running toilet and so on. 
Wonolo is an app-driven service provider that links up an individual that needs a job performed with an individual who has the qualifications to successfully perform that job. 
The app over several job descriptions are posted. The workers will read the job description carefully to know if they are qualified for the work needed. The work is then scheduled and when the job is completed, it is marked accordingly. 
By the time the job is completed satisfactorily, a confirmation will follow and a performance rating will be provided by the individual requesting the work. They usually pay within 1 to 5 working days. 
Could there be anything that will be more rewarding than interacting with a senior citizen? They are delightful, have incredible insight, and have an abundance of experiences to share. 
It can be an enriching experience and to be offered a wage to care for these treasures further enriches the experience.