Best Burger Franchises and How to Get Started


This article talks about the best burger franchises you should know, plus possible ways you can follow if you want to start the business too. Also, you will get to know some of the best ones to consider.
Most Americans don’t joke with food. Since the citizens of United States are usually on a fast pace and love living large, then we can say their choice of food reflect in their lifestyle. It is a common knowledge that choice of food during the week requires something quick, big, tasty, and somewhat nutritious. 
This could be the reason why fast food industry is such a perfect match for the American lifestyle. Fast foods include pizza, tacos, chicken, and many more. Surely, the king of fast food that Americans love best is burger. 
This implies that you can consider a burger franchise as a business opportunity to earn you some cash. However, we will need to look into some best burger franchises and see how it is being done there.
Of course, not all hamburgers are prepared the same nor do all hamburgers taste the same. A hamburger is a hamburger but the steps and process in preparing speaks. The way that a burger is grilled, fried, or broiled, and any other “secret sauces” offers a unique flavour that may or may not resonate with customer’s taste buds.
The only way a hamburger franchise become an individual’s favourite is when the prepared hamburger and the taste buds resonate with eachother. 
Therefore, it is necessary to know more about several franchises; know what is required, understand the way it is operated, know if their business model is in tandem with the potential investor. The ability to know these factors will give a good headway towards considering a hamburger franchise investment. 
Best Burger Franchises and Getting Started 
1. McDonald’s: This franchise is not only well known but also could be regarded as “a place where you deserve a break today”. The McDonald’s is the big kahuna or the Big Mac of the best burger franchises available. 
It is on record that McDonald’s has been selling hamburgers and other assorted menus for almost 60 years. Its dominance in burger industry and as a premier burger franchise is unarguable. 
There are various strategies that contributed to the success of McDonald’s franchise which include several marketing campaign efforts, and majorly its use of music and jingles that would replay over and over again in the minds of those that heard the catchy tune and lyrics. 
There is a catchy phrase that was put to music for the success of McDonald’s franchise and it is “you deserve a breal today”. The franchise is very determined to achieve customer’s satisfaction and hence they came up with ideas such as offering to its customer a listing consisting of several number of calories associated with their food items, salad garnished with chicken, and using ingredients in their food that would be considered more ecology minded. 
Also, McDonald’s opted for customers convenience by offering the use of kiosks for their customers in ordering for foods through many of their local franchises. Presently, McDonald’s has 39,020 franchises across the world. 
Talking about entering into McDonald’s franchise, the bar is extremely high on these golden arches. At a minimum before you can be considered for a franchise, the potential owner must have available of half a $1 million. 
In addition, the McDonald’s franchise requires that the potential partner pay a minimum of 25% in cash as a down payment towards the purchasing of the McDonald’s restaurant. We should all expect that there are other ongoing fees associated to being a McDonald’s franchise owner. There is a monthly service fee which is usually calculated by multiplying the monthly sales of restaurant  by 4%. Morealso, it is expected that the franchise owner pay a monthly rental fee which is again based upon the gross sales accumulated monthly by the restaurant. 

2. Burger King: In 1954 there was indeed a coronation of sorts within the fast-food industry. This coronation paved way for the establishment of Burger King as a fast food franchise which offers delicious burgers to their customers. While this franchise is regarded as Burger King, it doesn’t translate to being the best in burger production. 
Burger King comes in at a far distant second to McDonald’s by having a total of 18,838 franchises across 100 countries in the world. 
In its own way, Burger King introduced the plant base and meatless hamburger to their customers. For potential investor in this franchise, you should be aware of the personal and financial requirements for owning a franchise. 
To begin with, Burger King usually perform a background check for individuals that are applying to own their franchise. This is a passed on expense of $250 per person involved in making an application. 
In addition, the franchise fee to owning a franchise requires paying into the royal coffers an amount of $50,000. When the new owner continues through the process and the restaurant is opened, they will be assessed a monthly fee of 4.5% of their gross sales. 

3. Wendy’s: This was and is a distant third in the burger business across the world. In the late 80s, there was an advertisement that brought Wendy’s to limelight and the phrase was “where’s the beef.”
In the advert, three elderly ladies were examining a large hamburger was mostly bun with a small hamburger patty sandwiched between the two large pieces of bread. Therein, one of the ladies would exclaim over and over again, “where is the beef?”
It was a great marketing campaign which yield a positive impact on Wendy’s. In addition to the marketing success was the introduction of Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s in 1969 to the commercial. Although, he is not exciting, flashy, or vibrant but his presentation of the restaurant to his customers and potential customers resonated with hamburger lovers. Wendy’s also markets and cook up a unique burger in that the burger isn’t round but rather square. 
In 2020, Wendy’s announced that 5,457 franchises are operational in the USA. Although, Wendy’s can’t be compared to McDonald’s but the former can be said to be second restaurant in the selling of hamburgers. 
As a potential investor, you are expected to have a minimum of $2million in assets that are liquid or readily available. Your net worth should be at a $5 million net worth level. 
The application cost to apply for a franchise at Wendy’s is set at $5000 with a background check being conducted amounting to $500 per person. 
Like its competitors, Wendy’s franchise requires 4% of each of the franchise gross sales and an additional 3.5% of gross sales for advertising at a national level. 


Hambugers are tasty, juicy, and big, hence the love from Americans to always have it. Also, Americans are interested in a quick meal due to their lifestyle therefore the consideration of a burger franchise is a win win situation. 
Should you be looking for an investment opportunity and there is available resources, why not consider joining the winning formula with some of the more established and successful burger business. 
All what is needed is to do their homework and conduct proper research as to which franchise to be a winning part of.