Bury an Egg in a Planter with Potting Soil and This Might be the Incredible Result

It seems weird, but it can actually be very useful. We will all agree that burying an egg in a planter with potting soil sounds kind of weird. We can hear the jokesters among you saying “will a chicken grow out of it?” Surely, this is not the case, but it does have a different great importance. You don’t need a great thumb for this wonderful trick.

It’s definitely worth a try!

Growing plants

Proper soil is very essential when we talk about growing plants around the garden. Aren’t you exactly blessed with a green thumb but do you nevertheless appreciate cultivating plants yourself? Then you should consider putting an egg in a planter along with some seeds of the plant you will love to grow.

Environmentally friendly

There are different kinds of chemicals that you can use to stimulate the growth of your plants, but these are often not only very costly, but they can also be dangerous. It is much safe to go for more environmentally friendly solutions to offer your soil a boost. One of these solutions includes burying an egg in the ground.

This is what you do

You need to put a bit of potting soil into a planter and place an egg on top. Add more potting soil, thus burying the egg, and also plant seeds of a plant of your desire like you normally would do. After a while, the egg will begin to compost and it will function as a natural fertilizer. Kindly ensure that the egg you buried is raw and not boiled.


Do you suggest that planting a raw egg is a bit too much? Then you can also simply use eggshells as a natural fertilizer. Eggshells are rich in calcium, nitrogen and phosphoric acids. All of these substances stimulate growth of your plants.

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