Blackboard Chalk in Your Wardrobe? This is Why Everyone Should Try It!

Trust us, your wardrobe will be a lot fresher and dry when you use blackboard chalk on it. There is nobody that is satisfied opening their wardrobe and welcomed with a musty smell. Have you put away all of your winter clothing in your wardrobe already? Then you will want those winter items to come out fresh and clean when you wish to wear them again in the winter, instead of musty and damp. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you make things happen. All you need to do is place a bit of blackboard chalk in your wardrobe.

If only we had known about this before now!

Perfect solution

It might sound really weird that putting a bit of chalk in your wardrobe can solve the problem of the musty smells, but it is in fact the perfect solution to keep your wardrobe clean, dry and fresh. Who knew a school item could be useful like this! Get a transparent, fabric little bag and place about eight pieces of white blackboard chalk inside it. You should now attach this to a clothing hanger and hang it in between the items of clothing in your closet.


What is actually the reason why chalk is so useful against musty smells in a wardrobe? This has everything to do with the absorbing quality of chalk. It absorbs all of the musty, damp smells as soon as you hang it in your wardrobe. Therefore, no more musty surprises when you take your clothing out of the closet next season. It will definitely save you a lot of laundry time!

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