Baking Spray is super cheap and These Are All The Things You Can Do With It!

We all had no idea how super versatile baking spray is. Baking or cooking spray has been well known in the US for quite some time now, but its popularity is spreading to the rest of the world as well. And it is crystal clear why, because not only is the spray very useful with regards to greasing baking tins or oven dishes, but it can also be very effective for a great number of other things as well!

Who knew you could do so many different things with just some baking spray.

Chewing gum

People with children will probably be familiar with this nature of problem. Chewing gum stuck in the hair: it is usually frustrating to get it out again and sometimes you end up cutting it with scissors. Fortunately, there is baking spray: simply spray a bit of it on the spot where the chewing gum is stuck, wait for a little bit and rub the gum away without any trouble.

Bike chain

You know when you are riding a bike and the chain is creaking like there is no tomorrow? You will have to lubricate it for it to work smoothly again, and baking spray is the solution! Simply spray some of it on the chain of your bike and dab it dry a little bit with a cloth or a paper towel.


Doors that continue to creak every time you open and close them are a true eyesore – or actually, earsore. You can simply lubricate the hinges of the door with some baking spray and you will be rid of the annoying sound. Do remember to clean the door around the hinges with a cloth after spraying, though!


Sometimes, when it is hot outside, your fingers will begin to swell up and it will be absolutely impossible to take off your rings. You shouldn’t panic about that though! It happens. All you need is some baking spray. Spray some of it on your finger, move your ring around a little bit and you will slip it right off.


Are the glass walls of your shower covered in limescale? Then it isn’t an issue at all if you have some baking spray. Just spray it on the limescale, let it stay there for about 10 minutes and then clean the walls with some water and soap. Thoroughly, rinse the walls and then dry them with a clean towel.


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