Baby Oil Can Be Used for Much More Than You Think! Once You Know, You Will Never Go Back!

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You can use baby oil for several purposes and not only for your baby. If you have children, or have one on the way, you will be more aware about it: doing the shopping. From purchasing the right pram to the right car seat, from baby clothes to baby care products.

Too much choice

It can all get a little mad, especially when you have to do it all for the first time. And these days there is so much choice that you’d almost faint just thinking about it, even when it comes to care products like baby oil. Biological, ecological, sustainable…the list is endless. There are simply too many options to count and if you are a young parent you are likely to get lost in all the brands and possibilities.

Baby oil

Meanwhile, are you aware that it is possible to use baby oil for so much more than just rubbing it on your baby? Sometimes we just don’t look beyond what we know, which isn’t that strange. Why would you think of anything other than babies when it comes to baby oil? It is right there in the name! Now, you will be surprised by the sheer amount of possibilities you have got with this product, though. We have put them in a handy list for you!

·        Use baby oil to remove paint

·        Use it as massage oil

·        Simply remove earwax from your ears with baby oil

·        Use it to remove eye make-up

·        Use it instead of bath oils

·        Shave your legs with baby oil

·        Use it on your face against the biting cold

·        You can use baby oil for soft skin: rub it on the dry or burst skin on your heel

·        Rub it on your skin against stretch marks during pregnancy

·        Give wooden furniture back their shine with baby oil

·        Make use of baby oil to remove chewing gum from your hair.

·        Use it to detangle a necklace

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