Are You Feeling Light-Headed? These Six Things Cause Dizziness and They Are Rarely Serious

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These six things can make you feel dizzy, although feeling dizzy might be quite scary. You are feeling light-headed and it seems as if you are losing control over your own body. In fact it might make you faint! You might worry you are ill or have a serious condition, but luckily dizziness is rarely caused by anything nasty. Some of the things listed below might be the cause.

1.     Low blood sugar: Should you feel dizzy quite often, it could be as a result of low blood sugar. You should think about what you have eaten today. Has it been a while since you have eaten something, or is it too little? Therefore, consider eating something that will increase your blood sugar such as whole grain foods. Also, avoid ‘fast carbs foods’ such as sugary foods as it will cause a peak in the blood sugar.

2.     You are hydrated: Have you had enough water today? In case you can’t remember the last time you have had any, or perhaps you are on your fifth cup of coffee, it is now time to head to the water dispenser and drink some water. Most especially in hot weather when we are sweating a lot, we are losing heaps of moisture. Kindly ensure you drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water each day. So fill up a reusable bottle or pitcher with water and keep drinking it!

3.     You have an ear infection: Are you experiencing dizziness paired with a cold or pain in your ear? Then it might be an appropriate time to speak up with the doctor. An ear infection can mess with your balance, which might result in dizziness. Do you also have a cold? Then it could be a sinus infection, a virus or bacteria causing it. Have a doctor checkup on you to realize what might be the cause.

4.     Anaemia: Anaemia or iron deficiency could also be the root of your problem. Both conditions can lead to bothersome symptoms such as dizziness. In that case, kindly book an appointment with your medical doctor to have your bloodwork done to check if this might cause your dizziness most especially if it is accompanied by drowsiness, light-headedness and a raised heartbeat.

5.     Medication: Do you take medication? If you regularly feel dizzy, it might be wise to check the package leaflet. Perhaps dizziness is a side effect of your medication. If you feel dizzy right after taking your medicine or if it has never happened before, speak to your doctor! There might be a need for you to change up your medication.

6.     Allergies: Lastly, your dizziness might be caused by allergies. Do you have seasonal allergies or perhaps you are around pets while you are actually allergic? You could feel dizzy because your ears are blocked up due to the allergies, which can interfere in your balance.

In conclusion, when you think something else aside from those we have listed is the cause of your dizziness, please don’t hesitate to contact your doctor for a medical checkup.

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