Are There Moths in Your Pantry or Wardrobe? Here is an Easy Way to Get Rid of Them

We have some simple tricks for you to easily get rid of them. Moths don’t bite, buzz or sting, but our clothing isn’t safe when a moth is in the vicinity. It is a disgusting thing to open the closet and see that the favorite cashmere sweater is full of holes made by these annoying creatures. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to get rid of them with a few simple tricks.

Here is a step-by-step guide for a moth-free home

Two types

In most homes, you will observe two types of different moths; the ones that stay near the pantry and the ones that take up residence in your wardrobe. This description already explains pretty well both types of moth are attracted to different types of ‘food’ and appear in several different places in your home. The moth around your pantry is usually attracted to dry food such as cereals, crackers, rice and other stored food. The ‘clothes’ moth is attracted to clothes made of natural fibers such as linen, wool, silk or fur. Aside from the fact the moths leave holes in your clothes, they can also leave behind skin fibers and feces in the shape of sand grains.

Clothes moth

When you have got clothes moths in your home, take all of your clothing out of the wardrobes and wash it all. It is possible to use the temperatures that are indicated on the clothing’s labels. If at all possible, dry the clothes in the dryer. This way will help you kill any possible moth eggs or larvae left on the clothes. Another option is dry cleaning the clothes. The next step is to ensure that the closet is vacuumed with the use of a vacuum cleaner and also vacuum any rugs, carpets and furniture in the same room. When done vacuuming, throw out the vacuum cleaner bag right away, since there might be moth eggs in there. Finally, use a damp cloth to clean the empty wardrobe.

Essential oils

Moths dislike essential oils made from cedar wood. An easy way to get rid of moths and to repel them in the future is to take a few clothes, sprinkle them with cedar oil and then place these at the bottom of your closet. Also, you can use lavender, rosemary, tobacco, and camphor as it will repel moths easily. You can simply purchase the oils at the drugstore.

Clean regularly

Lastly, it is essential to regularly clean the space, even when the moths have taken flight. Keeping the pantry wardrobe clean and removing dust, fibers and crumbs help to avoid the pesky creatures from coming back.

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