An Airplane in the Middle of the Jungle Has Been Converted Into a Beautiful Holiday Home

You can’t just imagine the interior look of this holiday home! It is actually something you don’t expect in the middle of the beautiful, green jungle of Costa Rica. It is so wonderful that what is made as a holiday home is an old abandoned plane. This Boeing 727 was relocated to the middle of a jungle in Costa Rica and then transformed into a holiday home. And it worked well. You should just wait to see the inside of the special plane.

From plane to holiday home

The red and white Boeing 727 was placed in the treetops of the jungle by a large crane. The contents were then completely stripped and replaced by a beautiful interior. Today, the unique abode is a rental home for vacationers. This special and fantastic experience of spending the night in a rainforest in Costa Rica is well known by several tourists. And when we look at the inside of the plane, we will surely understand it.

In the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Manuel Antonio National Park, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom vacation rental is one of the most unique and fantastic experiences in the jungles of Costa Rica. The plane is located next to the rainforest and stands on a custom platform.

The platform is about 15 meters above the ground and by this height; vacationers are able to enjoy beautiful and interesting views of the ocean and jungle from both the aircraft windows and the handmade decks which is built on top of the wings.

Fully equipped

The aircraft has been redecorated with restored teak and it now has a beautiful interior. This holiday home is fully equipped. In addition to the two bedrooms and bathrooms, there is also a television set, air conditioner, kitchenette and a safe. Simply wake up to the roar of the howler monkeys, drink coffee with a playful spider and white-faced saki to start your day.

The holiday home can accommodate up to six people. It is not really expensive if you wish to stay a night in this special plane and all what will cost you is just around $600. You can just view the availability and prices of the holiday home on HomeAway.

Are you wondering what the plane looks like inside? Then watch this video:

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