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Amazon Prime Members Now Get Switch Online For A full Year

If you have the AMAZON PRIME and the Nintendo adapter, then you are in a wonderful place today. Key members can claim a full year of Switch Online for free, saving you £ 19.99 you can now go on Amazon.

(If you are not a major member, you can register here, but you probably do not want to do so alone.) Membership costs £ 79 per year, as you probably noticed: 79.99 (19.99)

Technically, Amazon does not give up membership of Switch Online, but Twitch. But since Amazon bought the service for people who find watching other people play more interesting games than playing games, that’s the same. It is included as part of Prime membership, whether you like it or not.

Recovering your code is an amazingly complex process, but after we’ve just done it – and we’ve lost 10 minutes to the Mario 3 test on the Switch – we can put your hand through this process. First, you need to link your Amazon account to Twitch. This is done across this page.

Once you’re done, you can go to this page where you’ll find that you can claim Nintendo Online. You have to do this in two phases. The first three months are claimable today, while the remaining nine are available within 60 days – you should prevent people from participating in a free initial trial and then stop working as soon as goods are received.

A final hurdle in the arduous Aqaba cycle is linking your Nintendo Switch account to Twitch. Once you arrive, you’ll need to provide payment information, but this is for automatic renewal instead of indicating that you’ll be billed after all. You can cancel this after registering at the beginning.

That’s it: you’re done and you can start enjoying the benefits of Switch Online membership. Playing online is free, but there are some nice additions, including the cloud backup of saved games and NES tracks, full of 35 classic games you can play solo or with friends.

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