All You Need to Know About Holiday Pay That You Probably Don’t Know

All You Need to Know About Holiday Pay That You Probably Don’t Know
Holiday pay in a nutshell referes to those payment we do get while we are on our off at work, during holiday, even though some employers and companies do pay there staffs doing holiday, some of them doesn’t pay at all. But which ever one it is always very important to analyse how and what you are paid during your break.

There are many unclear facts as regards to holiday which many of the people does not really understand. Holiday pay is a way to make money when you are on break at the same level as at when you are still at work. This may not be so clear as it should but we will  discuss it in details, there are always alot to learn as regards to the best way to make money at holidays, because knowing this will make you to be able to know how to plan your holiday in the best profitable ways and also knows what kind of time you can go for holiday and you will still get paid at your work.

Discussing this topic will also give us the privilege to be able to answer all the different questions we do ask ourselves on holiday pay and how we will be able to make money even as we are on a vacation and we will be able to as well know and understand the many loopholes the employers and companies use to avoid any form of payment.

Is Not a Right To Get Paid.Alot of people may assume that it is there right for them to get paid during holiday but it is definately not a right at all. Even as many companies get involve in paying there employees who are on holiday, it doesn’t mean that there is a Law that is mandating them to do so, but most of these company try as much as possible to keep and maintain there best staff doing the break, this is because someone with big value to the company must be kept under total welfarism package so as to remain in the job.

Holiday Pay is different from *rolled up* holiday pay and this is because, the rolled up holiday pay, is some kind of money you safe against when you will be on vacation and you will be receiving such money doing your break time. This is not holiday pay, it is a rolled up holiday pay. This rolled up holiday pay is not very encouraged by the government and various financial body and it is very best to allow the employers or companies to make the holiday payment on there own, it is always better if not best when compared to the “Round up holiday pay”.

There are specific period of time to make claim for your holiday payment if you are going to, and this period of time is within the period of three (3) months.And you should not forget as well that, there is no obligation that is mandating someone who do not ask you to work all through the hours to pay you for all the hours you went for break., how ever most of those companies always try to make some form of payment for there staffs at holiday.

How Much Pay You Should Get.Normally the amount you do collect while you are not on break should be the same amount of money you collect doing your holiday time. For whatever extra tips or allowances you are always getting while at work, you should also get the same as at when you are on break.

Always Ask Question in cases of doubt .
Actually, working with a company for long period of time does not really mean that you can tell torally on how they carry out there major operations as regards to the holiday pay. Therefore you should always make serious enquiries to be able to know what exactly is going on about the holiday pay and it is a must for them to tell you what there offers her in other to be able to plan your trip in the best possible ways you can.

Higher Rate of pay Working doing Holiday.Actually there are some kind of companies that do shut down during the holiday period but some do not shut down m, therefore if a company for instance is working, it may be required that you work doing the holiday for a more higher paid compare to your regular kind od payment. However you still need to find this out to know the actual rate your company will offer for you to come and work doing holiday. Some people does not and will not sacrifice those holiday during there break maybe for the sake of there family or to have abundant rest but some will still wish to use that as an opportunity to make more money during there holiday season.

Variation in Holiday Benefit Among Staffs.It is normal and more considerate for workers to have a difference in there holiday in as much as they over different kind of services to the company. Some workers are office staff and some are field staffs, some are per time staff and we have those that are full staff and with this, there should be a difference in the holiday benefits they all received.
Holiday On a Day Off.We have may good companies  who are so considerate in such a way that, when your holiday collide with your normal day off, they will give you the privilege to chose another day for your holiday. But in other words we should know that it is not a must for company to do this as they are not mandated by Law to do that. And some scenarios that do occur is when you have a festive period falling to a weekend, in this case most of the emoloyers give there staffs another break on a working day. But those who do not have sufficient staff and do not shut down during holidays, it is usually difficult to give such break, infact some of this companies still consider the work of some online workers who get paid from home.

Small Business Need not to Pay Premium for Work Done on Holiday.If your business generates less than $500,000 annually, you have no legal obligation to pay premium on wworking on a national holiday, most of these businesses are small and are just starting, and therefore not compelled by any law to give out premium for staffs. Most if the new business that just starting doesn’t have the means to be able to give premium to employees who are on holiday. Infact some of this small business compare this National holidays as a standard National working day and there for pay for the day like every normal working day.

It is always good to understand alot about the policy and guidelines of your work place on holidays and the benefits that are attatched to it, utilize every available means you can to be able to make significant pay during your holiday and for some working holiday, if you will get more rate for working, you could do that if it will be kind of convenient for you even though most people use this holiday to have a good time to rest and be with there family as well.


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