AKO Caine Prize for African Writing 2023

The AKO Caine Prize Award for African Writing is a literary award. The award is offered to African writers who have published short stories. In addition to the award which is worth £10,000, the five (5) shortlisted writers will be invited to London for a series of events, as well as public readings, interviews with media persons, and an invite to the 2023 award event where the winners will be mentioned.

Eligibility Requirement for the AKO Caine Prize

• Writers whose literary works haven’t been published are not eligible for the Caine Prize.

• Writers are to submit their published short stories themselves.

• Nonfictional works will not be considered.

• Writers cannot submit more than one work.

• The submissions should note the writers’ countries and the word count.

Contest Worth

The shortlisted writers will be given the invitation to partake in writers’ workshops in London, Africa, and other places as resources allow. There is an award worth £10,000 for the winner and a travel award for the five (5) shortlisted writers. The shortlisted writers will as well receive an award that is worth £500. The winner will also be invited to three literature festivals in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Application Method

• You do not need any application form to apply for this award. Click here to apply.

• Writers whose works are published books or journals will need to present at least one copy of the journal/book and five photocopies — but mainly where several stories are presented from one anthology, we would like to receive six copies the journal/book itself.

• If the work is published in a magazine/journal, one original copy and five photocopies will be accepted but we would prefer six original copies.

• If the work is published online, we would like to receive six printed copies.

• Address and post qualified submission to:

The Caine Prize for African Writing
51 Southwark Street

Application deadline: January 26, 2023


This Award is not for non-African writers. So, writers who are not from Africa are not eligible to apply for the Award.


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