Add a Brown Banana to a Bag of Rice and You Will Never Guess What Happens!

A brown banana and rice go great together! It has happened to us all: we have left a banana for a little bit too long and now the peel has turned brown or even black. Even though it might not seem like it from the outside, the banana is usually still fine to eat. A lot of people throw it away immediately, but we found out there is no need for that! When you find out how to return an overripe banana to its original colour, you might not throw them out anymore either!

In this video, this trick is known as the ‘Zombie Hack’. It shows Brandon Queen gives the banana its original yellow colour again.

This is how to do it: simply put some rice in a ziplock bag and add the banana to it. Close the bag and make sure the banana is more or less covered by the rice. Leave the banana in the bag for about an hour before coming back to it, and take your blow dryer with you! Take the banana out of the ziplock bag, blow it with the blow dryer (on a low heat) and watch the magic happen!

Don’t believe the trick? Okay watch this video:


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