9 Ways on how you can attract more positive relationships

There is no how we can separate our relationship and our wellbeing. It has been a way of life which have direct impact in our day-to-day activities. But, one thing that seems common is the fact that there are negative vibes that makes one frustrated and anxious. In fact, we’ve all been in toxic relationship in one way or the other but the important part is being able to manage and move out of it, while some people were able to effectively overcome it, can we say others were able to do such too? Certainly No, there still exist people embedded with toxic relationships and yet to overcome it.
Have you ever felt to start over again because you can’t be with your friend or at home without misunderstanding or fight? Or have you noticed you’ve been in more negative relationships than positive and you can’t even explain how it all happened/started? Isn’t it true that you may be trying to build up stable, comfort and positive relationship but it’s not turning up. Why? You see, you can’t have happy and positive relationships just like that, you just need to build it, nurture it and make it grow, that’s how it can bring joy, excitement and sweet love in to your life. That means you really need to work it out.
So, how can you stop attracting negative relationships and start developing positive ones in your life?
It is doable, here are some ways to go about it:

  1. Don’t spend much of your time with negative people: You know who we are is what we get in return, as in if you channel your energies towards negative vibes, be ready to receive more negativity. So stand up and limit your time doing things that are not making you happy, go for good vibes. By the time you get rid of the negative or toxic people in your life, the sooner you can feel lighter and happier. And as you become lighter, more loving people will start to come into your life.
    It is very simple; Love attracts love, grumpiness attracts grumpiness, passion attracts passion and rage attracts rage, so choose wisely and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Stay away from places that make you feel sad or miserable: It is not time consuming to locate a positive environment, you shouldn’t force yourself to a place that makes you unworthy. You need to stay away from such places. It might be your residential area or your regular location of play or fun. If those places fills you with negativity, drains your power and makes you feel miserable, then you should definitely consider leaving it. You owns your happiness and you should always keep that at play.
    Also, space can also refer to a negative space inside our minds. If this negative space that is causing your stress is somewhere in your head, it is up to you to find a way to move out of it. Therefore, try and understand the situation and make a necessary step to give yourself a fun filled lifestyle.
  3. Be consistent with your daily affirmations: You need to help yourself so that you could be rendered help. Make it a favorite by avoiding negative thoughts that might come over you, rather repeat those positive feelings and fill up your head with those positive affirmations that would help you to have inspiration and see things differently. You need to note that as you open up to positive affirmations and have those positive feelings over you, things in your life would change because you’ve changed your attitude.
  4. Act more and talk less: You might have people around you that complains a lot, it is time you find a way on how to reduce such. In fact, with time you can eliminate it. You don’t need to complain unnecessarily or get yourself in arguments that birthed much complains. See, when a complain is too much, it can easily drains you and make things not comfortable. So, set boundaries for you and the people in your life about complaining and by doing that, you’ve make things simple and easy to relate. Also, try and work things out without noise.
  5. Love and support yourself: There is no one that can love you like yourself so why do you then need to stress yourself over frivolities? C’mon! Be yourself and get the confidence straight in you. You can’t just attract positive relationships when you don’t love and believe in yourself. So, become a priority in your life and start loving yourself for the person you are. With that, you can attract happy, nurturing relationships which support your dreams and goals.
  6. Understand the past but don’t dwell on it: Our past is inevitable in our life as it helps to shape the goals and determination. As we all know this, it is not easy to let go of the past but it is important that we all know that letting go isn’t only about forgetting but about releasing the emotional attachment that might affect your feelings. So, we should honor the past for the lessons it taught us but step out into the freedom of making choices independent of it.
  7. Always see the best in people around you: Instead of focusing on the worst side in a person or situation, it is better to work on the positive qualities. There is no perfection anywhere, we all wish to be loved because of our goodness, so you need to understand that and work towards it. That means, if you really want to attract positive relationships, channel your attention to the positive qualities in people and not the bad. Therefore, if you want to connect with someone, you should recognize their qualities and make sure they know you appreciate them.
  8. Always find joy in every experience: This might seems hard to do but you can try it. Although, there are some experiences that weaken the soul, but you need to cultivate the habit of looking at the bigger picture. Because, if you wish to attract positive relationships, you need to understand the fact that everything happens for a reason. Even those darkest experiences that broke your heart into pieces are there to teach you something. That is why you should always search for the beauty in every experience.
  9. Be grateful with what you have: Appreciation is a rewardable act, for whatever you have today, always be grateful and appreciate them, it gives joy. Be grateful for all the good, and not so good people that came into your life. There is no better way to attract more positive relationships than by living in a state of gratitude because gratitude gives you the opportunity to appreciate the relationships in your life which in turn will attract more like-minded people. Make it a good way!

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