9 Celebrities Who Shine a Light on Mental Health

There is no one across the world that can’t have mental illness even the world celebrities. In the United States alone, the 2017 statistics revealed that at least 46.6 million adults experience different mental illness. This implies that the probability of you finding one mentally ill person among five individuals is high.

On this note, it is expedient to have mental health awareness for proper understanding of mental illnesses. The government usually invests largely in organizing awareness month just to conduct research and collect data on mental illness. Meanwhile, they didn’t focus on the power of opening up in crumbling the stigma of mental illness.

Recently, several renowned media personalities, musicians, and other famous individuals are sharing more about their mental and emotional well-being. The move by these celebrities is very huge and has increase awareness and enhancing efforts to motivate people to ask for help as at when due. These are 9 celebrities who shine a light on mental health to raise awareness.

9 Celebrities Who Shine a Light on Mental Health to Raise Awareness

  1. Lady Gaga Wrote An Essay to Shade Light on Mental Illness: This famous singer penned a strong message during the world’s mental health celebration day. She targeted her message on the need to avail resources to those suffering from the mental illness. Lady Gaga message touched on the most traumatic sign of mental illness which is suicide.

She wished the relevant authority could address the issue of stigmatization. Also, she talked about the mental health emergency room that lacks resources to take care of the mental problems. Together with her co-writer from world health organization, they reiterated that mental illness is a critical problem and there should be bold action for it which is long overdue.

  1. Michelle Williams Took to Her Twitter and Instagram to Announce She Was Getting Mental Treatment: Michelle Williams is a renowned child actor who decided to take her advice after some years of advocacy on mental health awareness. She publicly acknowledged on her social media pages that she had chosen to lead by example. Luckily, she was fair enough to enjoin more people to follow her example.
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