80% of Heart Attacks Could Be Avoided If Everyone Did These Easy Things

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The American Heart Association releases heart disease statistics every year. According to the stats, cardiovascular disease account for about 1/3 of the death toll across the world. At least one American dies from this disease about every 40 seconds. Also, several heart diseases have claimed more than 17 million lives from the world last year. The report estimated that by 2030, the disease will be claiming 23.6 million lives annually.

There is a study being carried out at the Karolinska Institute which found out that developing the following healthy habits could prevent nearly 80% of first-time heart attacks in men. They include:

1.     A healthy diet

2.     Physical active (walking/bicycling – for at least 40mins per day & exercising for at most 1hour per week).

3.     Healthy waist circumference (waist circumference at most 95cm or 37.4 inches).

4.     Moderate alcohol consumption (10 to 30g per day).

5.     Quit smoking

According to lead research of the study, Agneta Akesson noted that “It is not surprising that healthy lifestyle choices would lead to a reduction in heart attacks”. “What is surprising is how drastically the risk dropped due to these factors”.

Physical activity is important

It has been declared that living a sedentary life not only drives the risk of cardiovascular disease up, but it is a risk that can be avoided in nearly all situations.

The department of cardiovascular diseases at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans examined the outcomes of using cardiac rehabilitation as well as physical activity as not only a secondary prevention method, but as the primary. The study showed much more than the positive heart health effects of physical activity.

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