8 Common Causes Of Foot Pain And Remedies You Can Use


The essence of feet can’t be overemphasized as it aids many tasks for us daily. It is with the use of our feet that we can be able to move freely from one place to another which made it imperative for proper care. Our feet witness varieties of abuse ranging from jumping to running or even walking, this made them to be prone to various types of problems.

You can have different nature of foot problem which might arise from several damages such as injuries and inflammation and many more. The moment you are encountered with foot pain, you become weak of engaging in any form of activities to the extent that this pain can affect your daily life and make it difficult. Due to the wide range of feet importance, the pain might affect you in such a way that your thoughts could be disrupted and you can end up being inactive physically. In some cases, foot pains might be severe and unbearable.

However, it is good to always find possible solutions to any problem we may encounter in our daily life and that is why you should be careful should in case you have foot pain. While the pain is a serious issue, we can’t still rule out the possibility of being relieved during the pain. You don’t really need to suffer all the time. The best way to go about this is when you are able to figure out the cause of the foot pain (either you diagnosed it by yourself or by a medical doctor), then search around and locate how you can fix it and possibly plan on how you can avoid it in the future. In a situation whereby the pain won’t be easily avoided, you can still get ways you will follow that will minimize the pain at least.

However, you can only understand the cause of your foot pain when you are able to carry out the diagnosis and this will enable you to detect the possible causes because there are numerous possibilities attached. You shouldn’t be deceived by your preliminary observation whereby the pain could be caused by a simple thing such as an ingrown toenail or probably the pain is caused by a serious thing such as arthritis. In any of the case, the best way to detect its cause is by carrying out diagnosis as it will give you more insight on how you can properly fix it.

Although, it is also observed that some little things we neglected might develop foot pain such as inappropriate footwear or aging or diabetes and many more. Regardless of the situation, this article shall be discussing the possible causes of foot pains and how it could be fixed.

Causes of Foot Pains:

Stone Bruise: This can be through rigorous exercise and possibly when you wear inappropriate footwear whereby it is too tight for your size but you squeezed it through. Also, stone bruise could be a sign of underlying condition. During this pain, the area that is located between your toes and arch of the foot will experience poor power of sensation and hence feel occasional sharp pains where you will feel as if there is a stone inside your footwear. The symptoms might increase and go worst with time. However, you can treat this by simply having enough rest or by applying an ice park. If the pains persist, you can consult a medical doctor.

Flatfeet: This is another condition that affects your feet and cause pains when the arches of your feet becomes flat and thereby making the entire bottom side of your feet to be touches the ground directly. It might however cause pain or otherwise but it usually happen when you undergo normal stress on your feet as you are aging or when you have much weight or probably due to the fact that you haven’t develop any arches when you were a child. Meanwhile, the pain that will be caused by flatfeet is typically in the heel of your feet or near your arch. Therefore, engaging in more activity can definitely increase the pains of this condition which make it important for you to stop any activity you might be doing when never you noticed the pain.

Claw Toe: This condition can also be regarded as claw foot whereby the first toe joint points up and the second toe joint points down. It is on record that this condition always emanated since birth and sometimes might be at a sudden time. Claw Toe could also be regarded as a sign for another health condition such as cerebral palsy and diabetes. You can treat this condition by doing enough exercises, going for some certain medications or splints and probably surgery as the case maybe.

Bursitis: You will experience pain the moment your bursae (a pouch inside people that typically contains a fluid which is meant to protect the bones, tendons and muscles) became inflamed. It is usually happened when you engage in too many regular motions and you can also experience bursitis when you have injury. Certain conditions such as arthritis and bunions can also be associated to bursitis. You can therefore treat this condition when you are able to rest the affected area and being more sensitive and careful to avoid trauma in the nearest time. When you are able to do this, bursitis will go off with some couple of weeks but might later come up. However, it is good to help yourself in such a way that you won’t contact bursitis if at all your job requires you to perform same motions repeatedly. You can try to bend, lift and do other activities appropriately. Also, you can go for breaks, stretch and warm up before other activities in order to avoid bursitis.

Ingrown Toenails: This condition happens when your toenails grow into the nail groove which will cause pains and discomfort. This condition typically causes inflammation and to some extent infections. Part of what can cause this condition is when you usually put on inappropriate footwear. The pressure you will receive from your shoe would result to putting pressures to your toe and hence letting it develop this condition. People that don’t normally trim their toenails are also prone to experience this condition. The moment you are observing redness or swelling around the toenail which can show you that there is infection is present. However, you can treat this condition which include washing your feet thoroughly with antibacterial soap while keeping them clean and dry, you should also wear shoes that is appropriate for you and don’t force your leg inside ones that have pointy tip.

Bunions: This is another serious condition that affects the feet and cause a lot of pains. This condition is caused when your big toe is often pushed against the second toe and hence the big toe turns slightly inward. Also, the joint at the base of the big toe get large abnormally and hence become painful. Bunions can be experienced when you usually put on footwear that are too tight and it could be genetic sometimes. In a nutshell, when you notice pain around the big toe while walking or when you are having challenges moving the big toe or probably when there is a visible bump on the side of the foot, you are likely experiencing bunions and it can be prevented by making sure you wear shoes that are proper for your feet or maybe you buy a bunion pad at a shoe store and in case it persist, you should kindly reach out to medical expert for possible treatment.

Arthritis: We have numerous types of arthritis that can cause pain for your feet and all the types surely need medical attention. The types of arthritis include:
Reactive arthritis: This type of arthritis can cause inflammation and pains and it is due to a rash that is spotted on the bottom of your feet.
Rheumatoid arthritis: This is another type of arthritis that can cause feet pains and it typically affects the joints in your feet which can lead to other conditions such as bunions, corns or claw toe.
Psoriatic arthritis: This allows your toenails to get thicken and make it possible for pits to develop.
Osteoarthritis: This is caused by chronic degeneration of the cartilage that protects the end of the bones which lead to pains and stiffness.
Plantar fasciitis: This is another condition that occurs when the plantar fascia on the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed due to a small cut. However, this pain can be reduced when you are moving around and it might come back to you the moment you have been standing or walking a while. People that are ballet dancer and runners or athlete could be prone to have this injury. This condition can also occur when you wear shoes that do not allow you to have enough space for extended periods of activity. Plantar fasciitis can also affect those with flatfeet or people that are always walking on their tip-toes.
Ways To Fix Foot Pain:

You can actually know the ways to fix a particular pain when you are able to know the cause of the pain. There are ways you can prevent or stop the pain and in fact they are the same for many of the conditions. Meanwhile, you can still fix the pain by taking the following into consideration:

Orchestrate a foot bath
Make sure you stretch before and after exercise
Engage in any strengthening exercise
Go for foot massage
Buy arch supports
Look out for ingrown toenails and remove if necessary
Stop playing and rest yourself any time you notice pain while exercising

It is possible to have foot pain and you should be able to manage the condition in order to reduce the pain. It is very essential to make sure you are able to fix it before move beyond expectation. In some cases, you might need to go for medical attention when the pain occurs. Meanwhile, the best thing you firstly need to do is by making sure you know the cause of the pain and then look for way you can fix it. Indeed, there are numerous causes of foot pain and it is good if you always request for professional advice.


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