7 things your man wants you to say to him

7 things your man wants you so say to him

Well, maybe you had always thought only the men could be all sweet and poetic in expressions, I put it to you that you were wrong- the men too wants to hear you say to them sweet nothings sometimes.

It’s not necessary you lounge into long, verbose and probably fake complements or remarks, keeping it short and simple add to the beauty.

Every man gets comforted by sweet, romantic words from their partners.

That been said, here are few of those things to say to him to make his heart go woahhhhhh today.

  1. I RESPECT YOU: You know what that means to him? That you value his person and like his personality. That you say you admires him may be the drugs he needs to push on.

For you to tell him out of love that you respect him means you love him wholeheartedly. Do tell him today and see the grin on his cheeks.

  1. YOU LOOK GOOD/ ATTRACTIVE: You know after spending a considerable number of months or years together, men still wants to hear you telling them you found them as attractive as ever. But, who doesn’t even like that?

You should let him know he looks great and attractive after having a nice shape or when putting on an attractive dress for the first time.

Your word at such point in time make a motivation for him to keep looking after himself for you.

  1. SAY THANK YOU: We all do like been appreciated, certainly. Like women, men also wants to be recognised for every efforts or trials.

Saying Thank You to him is most likely going to propel him to do much more again of the thing he does for you.

  1. I LOVE YOU: Oh yeah, you know how you feel when he says this to you? Exactly! Just surprise him, tell him first! Even the strongest of heart will jump when his lady confesses love for him.


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Men like hearing them tell them you love them as much as you do though they won’t tell you. You know things like hugs, cuddles and nice text messages get down straight to their hearts.

  1. I TRUST YOU: There are fewer things greater than trusting someone with your heart. When you engage in a love relationship, this is what you do.

It requires trust and believe to agree to share one’s triumph, trials, travails and medals with someone.

With relationship, we would wonder at times if we were right with the decision, especially when we have an issue.

So, you telling the man out of the blue that you hold believe and trust in him will certainly take him of his feet. Like, where did that come from? He would wondered.
But men loves it! It’s like you saying you would die for them.

  1. I VALUE YOUR HONESTY: OK, you have had no cause to doubt his feelings, sincerity and commitment all these while? So, why not tell him.

Of course, if he had cheated and you caught him, you would have told him how ”highly disappointed you were with him”. So, why not praise him for being loyal too?
It’s no hero- worshiping. I only meant that you give Kudos when it’s due. Let him know you are watching and you values his commitment and sincerity all along.

It makes him sit tight and never wishes to disappoint you.

  1. WE CAN TALK IT OVER: When there’s an argument, men and women reacts differently. A man is likely going to leave to figure it out before coming back to apologize but a lady wishes to sit and talk.

While he’s trying and hurting and blaming himself, you can even the tide by telling him you were ready to listen to him.

You giving him listening ears after a fall out makes a man feels respected and values you in return too. Everyone loves been offered listening ears when they err.


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